Players And Staff Earn Big Bonuses – Very Well Deserved

The Chronicle is reporting today the Newcastle squad will receive £5M in bonuses for getting promotion this season.

Given the club will receive about an additional £100M in revenues next year because of our promotion it was worth it to the club and our lads deserved it for the tough fight they put up to reach the club’s goal.

We are proud of them all.

🙂 🙂 🙂

The lads celebrate automatic promotion – Monday 24th April – YES

The £5M will be shared among the playing staff and the backroom staff and we assume Rafa will get a separate bonus – which he fully deserves – he’s saved the club a stack of money already in just 13 months in charge.

Each player will get a bonus dependent on how many games they played for the team and that sounds fair enough.

The administrative staff are on a different bonus and they deserve that too – whatever amount it is.

When we finished in 10th place (seems like many years ago) in 2014 was the last time our players qualified for a bonus.

That’s even though we lost seven of the last eight games in that season.

The following year after Alan Pardew left and John Carver took over we lost 9 of our last 11 games and gained a measly 4 points out of the last 33 available.

The win also came on the very last day of the season against the Hammers (2-0) and we were too close to being relegated.

And last year – well that was last year under Steve McClaren.

That was in short – an absolute and utter nightmare and tragedy for Newcastle United Football club as the leadership at the top of the club seemed non-existent.

But then Rafa Benitez arrived and much better times lie ahead under the stewardship of the world-class manager who was made to manage a proud club like Newcastle United.

If Rafa is as successful as we think he will be, then our players can earn some big bonuses in the future and if they can bring some trophies to Newcastle United it will be well worth it.

And we’re sure the Newcastle fans – the best in the world – wouldn’t disagree much with that.

Well maybe only  a little bit because our players already get huge wages.


The next step for Rafa is to build a team that can win a trophy – maybe even next season – and the sooner the better for some of us older fans.

Howay The Lads!!

Comments welcome.

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