Are Newcastle Fans Anxious About Winning The Championship?

Newcastle will play Barnsley at home on Sunday afternoon in the last second division the club will play in decades and it will be a huge celebration at St. James’ Park.

We hope Newcastle can win the game first of all – that’s what Rafa will want.

And if we can win and Chris Hughton’s team don’t win then we will be the Champions – and we would look forward to listening to Queen’s classic rock song – “We Are The Champions” – because we would be.

In the same way we heard it at Plymouth seven long years ago, when we last secured promotion.

Rafa Benitez – Newcastle United manager

In fact if we just have to better Brighton’s result on Sunday we will be Champion,s but if Brighton win at Villa Park they will be Champions.

And we’d be happy enough to congratulate Chris and Brighton & Hove Albion on  a job well done.

That would be some class from the Newcastle fans and Chris Hughton is deserving of all the accolades he gets of course.

He still hasn’t got the credit he deserved for magnificently gelling the team in the summer of 2009 with little help from owner Mike Ashley.

In fact the club sacked him which was a complete disgrace – but Chris and the fans have moved on from theat travesty,

Do Newcastle fans want to go up as Champions?

Yes of course we do – but since we were promoted at home to Preston when we took them apart 4-1 in classic style, Geordie fans seemed to have realized just how tough this league has been.

And we are all just over the moon – delighted – more than delighted  – ecstatic – by the way our lads, guided brilliantly by our manager Rafa Benitez, have secured promotion.

And we have been in the top two since early October so nobody can really argue that we don’t deserve promotion.

Correction – maybe Sky Sports pundit  maybe David Prutton would.


Even Alan Shearer doesn’t mind if we are not Champions – although it would be great if  we can snatch the Championship and three wins in a row to finish the season.

That would be great – what Rafa would have wanted – since he’s a winner through and through.

Here’s what Alan said earlier this week:

“I know a lot of people would say because of the size of the club, because of the budget, they should be winning the league but I don’t think anyone is bothered here in Newcastle.”

“They’re just bothered about getting back in the Premier League where we all feel Newcastle belong. The Premier League is a better place with Newcastle let’s face it.”

We are just so proud of Rafa and the lads and of course his coaching staff also for a job very well done.

Rafa will never get the credit he deserves, but he will it from the Newcastle fans who realize this man was destined to manage our club and return us to greatness.

I feel it in my bones, I really do.

Howay The Lads!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comments always welcome.

Written enthusiastically during my second chemo infusion in Rex Cancer Center – Wakefield, Raleigh.

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