Calm Rafa Confident He’ll Have Successful Meeting With Ashley

Rafa had a very positive press conference this afternoon where he talked about the final game of the season against Barnsley at St. James’ Park, which will be a celebration of a very successful season and maybe even the celebration of going up as Champions – we will have to wait and see.

But Rafa was also open when asked about his upcoming meeting with owner Mike Ashley and he seems to be looking forward to it and he said it will be a give and take on ideas and see if the two can meet in some common ground to take the club forward to real success.

Remember Rafa will be very well prepared for that meeting with charts and the whole enchilada – so to speak.

Rafa Benitez – looking forward to Mike Ashley meeting

We feel sure that it will be possible for the two to reach an agreement when the meeting takes place sometime next week.

Rafa was asked if he had the meeting with Mike Ashley yet and this is how he replied:

“Not yet. Hopefully next week we will talk about that. “

“The futures depend on this conversation.” “All the speculation on money and players is not true.”

“We have to have that meeting first. “We are doing our job first, and trying to put everything in place, the club has to move in one direction or another.”

“Hopefully I’ll meet with the owner next week and move in right direction.” “We need to decide money, players” “Nothing is sorted yet”

“I have seen figures in the press that Rafa is asking for that (£70M in Telegraph?). “We are working on a business plan, but I will not be asking for any money.”

“What I expect from this meeting is to talk about my ideas and their ideas.” “We have to see if we can be closer.”

“I am not demanding this or that. I am a manager who uses common sense about everything. “I try to do that here.”

“I have to hear ambitions for the club but at the same time we have to be realistic.”

“I am quite positive because MA (owner)  has seen the job we did and wants the best for the club.”

“I have the same ambition for this club as the fans, but I understand that we need to talk. I am calm and know what we need to do.”

“I have seen figures that ‘Rafa is asking for that.’ I will not ask for money. I will have a plan and give my ideas to the owner.”

““It will be very similar if not more difficult than last summer.” “The money people talk about in the Premier League is amazing, you know what it takes to compete.”

“It will be difficult to decide now and we have to work hard really hard during the summer.”

Rafa has matured as a person and manager since he was at Liverpool and he will work with what Mike Ashley has in terms of money and what Mike’s ideas are to strike common ground.

The reports last year at this time were that the two men in that two (or was it three) hour meeting in the Board Room after we hammered Tottenham 5-1 got on very well.

They seemed to like and respect each other – that’s got to be good and remember Rafa by staying on to manage in the second division saved Ashley from what was another humiliating relegation on Ashley’s watch.

There were few recriminations against Ashley and he owes Rafa for that.

One good thing going for Newcastle is that we still have some good players who Rafa will probably sell and we estimated yesterday that players who do not have a future could bring in about £50M with conservative estimates on players.

And that would in addition to the money Ashley will give Rafa up front.

It will also help that we spent no money in January and when the transfer window opens on July 1st it is the start of the new financial year – a clean sheet so to speak.

The press – the national press – may try to make it looks as Rafa will walk away from the club the club if he doesn’t get what he wants.

But once that game finishes on Sunday he will know and be told by the fans there is just no way he will leave Newcastle United – and of course he loves it at Newcastle.

And the Newcastle fans more than love it that Rafa is the manager of Newcastle.


It will stay that way.

Howay the Lads!!

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