Talks Between Rafa Benitez And Ashley Are Underway

The Chronicle is reporting that talks between Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez are underway and it seems they are taking place at the Benton training Grounds from what we can make out.

Let’s hope there’s a good outcome, but we just cannot believe, with all that Rafa done for the club over a very short 18 months, the owner would do anything other than give Rafa all he can for Rafa’s massive recruitment drive this summer.

But you never know with the Newcastle owner.

Great shot of Rafa Benitez – happy with the Championship trophy
Fantastic achievement last season for Rafa and Newcastle United

The first thing Rafa wants to do in the talks is to come to some agreement on how Rafa will build the club through a strategy or blueprint over the foreseeable future.

And from all reports Rafa will go into some detail including financial information on what he wants to do both long term and in the next year specifically to transform the club form top to bottom.

It’s not clear if this is a one-on-one with Mike and it’s likely that Rafa is using his office at Benton to go through his powerpoint charts on what he sees the Newcastle future being under his stewardship.

The news this morning that a lecturer on football finance at Liverpool University, Kieran Maguire, has estimated the value of Newcastle United at the end of last season at £568M will no doubt be brought up by the manager tonight.

Rafa will get all this type of news from his many contacts in the game and in Liverpool, where he still lives with his wife and two teenage daughters in the Wirral, Cheshire.

If we are now worth over £500M then how much will Mike’s club be worth in two or three years time if we are as successful as we think we will be under Rafa Benitez?

A lot.

Give him the money Mike.


There are various tweets going around that talks have got underway tonight.

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