What Promotion Is Worth To Newcastle Financially

It’s always difficult to know just how much promotion means to Newcastle financially over the next year, because the amount we get from the Premier League next May depends on how well we do in the Premier League and how many Newcastle games are televised live – amongst other things.

But with Rafa Benitez as the manager, we’ve got to think Newcastle will be quite a draw on TV next term.

The Deloitte Sports Business Group has estimated that  Premier League promotion for Championship clubs with no parachute payments is worth at least £170M.

The triumvirate running Newcastle – Ashley, Benitez and Charnley

That would cover Brighton’s case, but Newcastle will get a parachute payment from the PL of £40M this month, so we assume that means we will make at least an extra £130M in the next financial year starting July 1st and that seems about right.

Of the four playoff teams in the Championship only Fulham had a parachute payment this season (about £10M), so the other clubs get just £7.1M from the league, whatever position they finish in the Championship.

The clubs also get about £100K for each live televised game.

And that’s very small potatoes compared to the money in the Premier League where each televised game brings in £1M to the clubs.

We’ll be watching the playoffs for the Championship and Fulham have to be the favorites based on current form, but you never know what may happen in these games.

And the recent huge increase in revenues for Premier League clubs promoted to the Premier League is the reason  the Championship play-off final is now thought to be the most lucrative game in world football.

It means £170M for the winner if it’s not Fulham and around £160M if the Cottagers win.

Quite some pressure on the manager and the players in that game, which takes place on Monday, May 29th – we’ll be watching.

It also doesn’t give the club that get the third promotion spot much time to prepare for the upcoming season in England’s top flight.

We’re just pleased we are back in the Premier League and receive some publicity in the national press again.

We will not be completely ignored next season as we were this season – well at least until we were promoted on April 24th when we beat Preston 4-1 and we came back to the land of the living.


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