Estimate Of What Each Premier League Club Will Get This Season

The Sporting Intelligence web-site have just come out with an estimate of what each of the 20 Premier League clubs will receive this month from the league.

It’s the very first year of the new £5.1B TV rights deal, so there have been estimates of what  clubs would receive and it seems to be ranging from Chelsea at the top with £153M  and Sunderland at the bottom with £99M.

No wonder they are smiling!

The 10th based club – Bournemouth – are on track to get around £122M so Newcastle should get at least that amount next season – better than the £47M we’ll get this month from the Championship (£7.1M) plus our £40M parachute payment from the PL.

Here’s the table Sporting Intelligence have published which is likely to make the rounds today on the Internet.

premier league tv money

The official figures from the Premier League should be released next week.

You can see why with these figures how important it was to get straight back to the Premier League and we hope Rafa and his full team got nice bonuses – we’re back in the big money again.

And back in the big time.


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