More Great News About Newcastle United

News today in Football 50, published annually by Brand Finance, that the Newcastle United Football Club has been named as the fasting-growing football club brand in the world by industry experts Brand Finance.

This seems to be due to the fact that we have instantly regained our status back in the renowned Premier League and because we are also such an iconic club, now managed by high profile and world-class manager Mr. Rafael Benitez.

Our  growth in our world brand is accelerating and almost doubled in the last 12 months – which is simply  unbelievable when you consider we have been a second division club in England during that time – although obviously we got great publicity with an amazing 51,108 average home gate – the biggest in the division since 1959 – and we also won the Championship.


Owner Mike Ashley – with Rafa Benitez and Lee Charnley

Everything seems to be going in the right direction for our club at the moment, with Rafa Benitez in a very short 15 months having galvanized the support around the club of the fans worldwide, local journalists,, blog writers and everybody else associated with the iconic and famous football club.

It’s this one man Rafa who is responsible for it all of course,  but so far Mike Ashley has done everything right and kept out of his way.

There’s only been one blemish so far, in the January transfer window, but hopefully that was a one-off mistake by the owner.

Mike is not daft and he seems to have very quickly realized that if he leaves the football side of the club to Benitez he can’t go too far wrong and Newcastle United could be worth an absolute  fortune in the next few years.

Lee Charnley also seems to be doing well in working closely with Rafa during the transfer windows.

So it does seem we now have the right team in place, with hopefully the owner continuing to take a hands-off approach although we hope he will attend the home games next season, back in the Premier League – where he could see some very good games against the top sides in the division.

The news reported on the Newcastle web-site is that the overall growth in the club’s global brand value is recorded at 92% over the last 12 months, with Champions League runners-up Juventus achieving the next best percentage growth globally with a 72% increase.

Joslyn Pannu, who is the communications manager at Brand Finance had this to say about the famous north-east club:

“Newcastle United have just passed the most valuable threshold in world football; promotion to the Premier League.”

“The Magpies have deep roots in the Premier League and the restoration of such an iconic club will boost the brand strength of the league as a whole.”

Real Madrid are not at all surprisingly named as the world’s most powerful football brand ahead of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, while Manchester United are only fourth overall, as they still struggle to get over the departure of iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson – one of the greatest managers in the history of football.

This is even more good news for Newcastle United Football Club – we have massive momentum at the moment in a lot of different areas.

Long may it continue.

Howay The Lads!!

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