Benitez – Why Can’t Newcastle Win The Premier League?

This is is the third part in covering the excellent interview Rafa has given in the Mail today, which is actually his first interview since the first week after we won the Championship back on May 7th and he’s been off working hard on transfers with Managing Director Lee Charnley.

We also assume he has been reacquainting himself with his wife and two teenage daughters, after spending  an awful lot of time away from them last season as he engineered Newcastle’s immediate return to the Premier League in first place in the Championship.

Rafa makes it clear in this part of the interview that he’s not saying Newcastle will win the Premier League next season but knowing Rafa’s ambition  he wants to win something soon – the FA Cup and League Cup being the most likely trophies we can win next season.

Rafa Benitez – want to win trophies at Newcastle

That’s one reason Rafa will want a sizable squad again next season in the Premier League.

But since one of the trophies Rafa was unable to win at Liverpool FC was the Premier League title, we are sure further down the road he will want to have a crack at winning the Premier League with Newcastle.

And with  Rafa’s level of ambition – that’s probably sooner rather than later.

This is some of what Rafa has said in the Mail today:

“When I start something I put all my passion into it.” “I will try to do my best and hopefully everything will be fine.”

“The things will be done in the right way and we can build what we want to build, a strong team and a strong club that can compete in the Premier League for everything.”

“When I say everything, I don’t say the title, but why not?

“Everything means we have to be consistent.” “If you have the FA Cup, you can be there.” “It is not Rafa saying he wants to win the league, no.”

“I want to be competitive and after we can win a trophy or you can win the league.” “You never know.”

“It will be more difficult with every year, but for sure, you have to try.”

It reminds us of the great Liverpool manager Bill Shankly and one of his famous quotes:

“Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.”

The point is you have to aim really high if you want to be successful.

So if your aim is to be in the top half of the Premier League, which seems to be what we were trying to do before Rafa came on board,  you get relegated twice in seven years.

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