Yedlin Interviewed On American TV – Praises Rafa And The Geordie Fans

NBC Sports Network has a show called Men in Blazers which is hosted by two Englishmen Michael Davies and Roger Bennett.

It’s meant to be a light-hearted show where the hosts talk about soccer here in the states.

And would you believe it, but Newcastle’s one American player DeAndre Yedlin has been interviewed on the show and that’s  because Newcastle are now back in the land of the living – also known as the Premier League.

Serious looking Michael Davies and Roger Bennett
Hosts of Men in Blazers TV show on NBCSN

Smile – you’re on Candid Camera

Our players are now likely to be seen more often on shows  linked with the English Premier League – NBCSN only covers the Premier League in the US.

In his interview DeAndre has talked about Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle fans.

This is some of that the 23 year-old had to say:

“He almost just simplified it.” “When I first got there I didn’t know what to expect.”

“Every footballer in the world knows Rafa Benitez.” “But I didn’t know his exact coaching style.

“He has a way of simplifying everything.” “He tells you things that you know but things you kind of need to hear again so that they become second nature.”

“In training we work a lot on shifting when to press and when to stay back.”

“Returning to the Premier League was a great feeling.” “It just felt like my career was back on the up.”

“Not only that but the fans, the Geordies, are loyal and great fans.”

“Everybody knows them.” “They were behind us at away games and it was always sold out.”

“It’s great for the city as they are where they belong.”

DeAndre played 32 times for us last season with one goal and he continues to be covered regularly in the press in his native Seattle.

That press coverage should increase in the coming season since Newcastle are now back where we belong in the Premier League and we can watch every Newcastle Premier League live again.


DeAndre improved his overall game last season under Rafa and we expect even more improvement this season in England’s top division.

What do you think?

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