Newcastle’s Expected Revenue For This Financial Year Ending June 30th

Here’s an estimate of the revenue Newcastle will likely ¬†receive for the current financial year 2016-2017 when we were in the Championship and it will be interesting to those with a financial disposition – hopefully.


I worked it out and so we’ll put it out in an article and see how close we are when the revenues are announced maybe early next year.

It was estimated at the beginning of last season the parachute payment Newcastle would receive from the Premier League last month ¬†would be around ¬£40M and it’s come in quite close to that.

Newcastle United banked almost £41M in the first (and only) parachute payment from the Premier League last month.

Managing Director Lee Charnley

Since we received ¬£7.1M from the Championship – the exact same amount as the other 23 clubs in England’s second division – ¬†Newcastle ¬†got ¬£48M from league payments from the Premier League and the Championship.

The reports made public yesterday are that¬†Newcastle received ¬£19.416M of the domestic Premier League TV money and ¬£21.5M of the overseas TV deal, which amounts to ¬£40,915,922 – let’s call it ¬£41M.

We estimate  the revenues for Newcastle for the 2016-2017 financial year which ends at the end of this month will be around £92M Рabout £48M from the leagues and about £44M from the other two sources of  income Рcommercial revenue and match-day revenues.

That’s assuming about a 10% drop from the previous year for revenues from commercial and match-day revenues approximately.

So this is what the last 10 years of revenues for Newcastle under owner Mike Ashley will look like.

If we had stayed up and say finished 10th in the Premier League last season under Rafa we would have received 120M from the Premier League whisk is what West Brom received in May for finishing in 10th place.

So the amount from the premier League would have been an additional £72M (£48M+£72M = £120M) from the Premier League than the £48M we received from the Championship and (the parachute payment) from the PL.

So in that sense you could say Newcastle lost at least £72M because of relegation last year Рbut of course we also had to break up the team and sell some of our best players like Gini Wijnaldum, so it was a huge upheaval for Newcastle.

Let’s hope we don’t have any more relegation for decades to come!

Newcastle and Rafa Benitez did brilliantly in getting straight back up and back in the big money in just one season – absolutely terrific!

Comments welcome.

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