Graham Carr Leaving – It Will Greatly Simplify Things At Newcastle

We read with some interest the local reports today about what really happened in the January transfer window that left manager Rafa Benitez less than pleased – and that caused some (considerable) worry among Newcastle fans.

But it seems that half way through the January window in meetings with Mike Ashley, Graham Carr and others had differing views on who should be brought in (if anybody) during January window and there was even supposed to be some negative criticism of Rafa’s signing of players like Matz Sels, Jesus Gamez and Ashraf Lazaar.

It seemed to us it was a min-power play by those who used to be in charge of transfers and the result was deadlock in January and Mike Ashley seemed to be swayed to pull the plug on what Rafa wanted.

That was not good.

The triumvirate at Newcastle Mike Ashley, Rafa Benitez and Lee Charnley

So with Graham Carr leaving the club by mutual consent yesterday it seems there will be few arguments now about who our transfer targets are  – but of course good discussion on various players never hurt anybody.

But we have to give Mike Ashley some credit (sorry if you were eating your dinner while reading that!) because he has moved to consolidate Rafa’s power at the club.

We somehow got Rafa to stay when we were relegated and remember Mike wanted to come and meet immediately with Benitez to try to persuade him to stay – once we were relegated and before the final home game at Tottenham .

But Rafa put him off because he was busy doing his job and preparing the side for the final game of the season – 3 points were at stake for Rafa Benitez.

Mike was at the game and we won it 5-1 so Rafa certainly did his job (as usual) and it was a perfect display and result going into the four hour meetings between Mike and Rafa in the St. James’ Park Boardroom that Sunday evening.

Reports of that meeting were the two men got on very well and in fact Mike liked Rafa a lot and said yes to everything Rafa asked for – Rafa held all the cards of course – and Mike knew it.


Similar statements were made at their meeting two days after last season ended when Mike came out and said he would give Rafa every last penny after their meeting with Lee Charnley at an undisclosed location..

It seems to us the penny may have finally dropped with Mike Ashley and he now wants to get more investment into the club so we can soon go head to head with the top six clubs in the Premier League.

That’s one of the next steps needed at Newcastle and Ashley seems to be taking it.

So most fans are very happy that Rafa now has control of all transfers and control of all football matters at the club – so there should be less hiccups like we unfortunately had in January.

You have to remember that Alan Pardew and Graham Carr never exactly saw eye to eye on transfers and some of the players Graham brought in over the last few years were not wanted by Pardew, but he was in a weak position and had to take what he was given.

As we said most fans are happy with Rafa is in full charge of all football matters at the club.

It seems Rafa with the executive help of Lee Charnley will be running the club for Mike Ashley in the next few years when we hope Newcastle United will once again become a club to be reckoned with.


Howay The Lads!!

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