Many Thanks To A Top Notch Website Designer And Newcastle Supporter

We’ve run this site now for over 10 years and the design of the site hadn’t changed it much at all and in truth the site was getting just a little bit dated.

And then in early April right out of the blue one of our readers in Poland Kacper Tylenda  contacted me right out of the blue.

Kacper is a huge Newcastle fan since 1996 – when he watched the Euros that year and couldn’t believe how good a certain Mr. Alan Shearer was for England – and then Alan joined his home town club for only £15M.

Kacper Tylenda – Website designer and Newcastle fan

Kacper was doing a course to brush up on his website design which he done in the past, but wanted to get into the business of designing websites.

He offered to redesign the site and was going to do it for his project – whether I actually used it or not.

Kacper was very persistent and great in that he asked what I wanted and then delivered a new site in about six weeks.

Personally I’m delighted with what Kacper has done for the site and he was simply a joy to work with.

I wanted to take the time to inform our readers of just how appreciative I am of the great work Kacper has done for the blog in difficult times.

I take no credit for it at all and Kacper was very aware of my current health status and on some days I was just too exhausted to do much at all.

He was extremely patient and understanding.

Kacper is starting his own business in web-design, so if you want a website built or know of people who want to redo their sites in any way  here’s his portfolio.

Kacper is a good man.

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