Newcastle Announce Several Imminent Transfers To Be Announced Soon

At the Fans Forum meeting on Thursday night, 29th June, the members were told by Newcastle that some imminent transfers are soon to be announced by the club.

We trust that’s true (why wouldn’t it be?) because fans need to see some good players being brought into the club this summer and if we can bring say three good players in this week that would be very good.

Fans are getting just a little anxious at the moment by the perceived lack of signings.

But that can be solved by the announcement of say three good players this week and of course there is still plenty of time to bring in some good players this summer.

Fans Forum meeting in progress last Thursday night
Good to see everybody so attentive – they must have been talking about the incoming transfers

Here’s what Newcastle have just published on their web-site.

Newcastle United have revealed that incoming transfer news is expected imminently in the club’s most recent Fans Forum minutes.

A wide range of topics were discussed by supporters and the club’s senior management team when the Forum reconvened at St. James’ Park on Thursday, and details meeting minutes can be found here.

About the Fans Forum:

The Fans Forum is a body consisting of supporters and senior club officials which meets during the season to discuss all areas which affect those who follow the club.

It was reintroduced in 2013 to enhance communication between fans and the club, enabling fans to give those who make decisions and implement services a fuller understanding of their views and the issues which   affect them.

The result is constructive dialogue between those who are passionate about the success of Newcastle United.

Supporters can contact Fans Forum members here.

The actual statement to the Forum read as follows:

“The club reinforced its commitment to strengthening in positions identified by the manager and aims to deliver positive news in the coming days.”

“In a general discussion with the group, several factors that can impact upon transfers were explained and the club highlighted the limited amount of business completed by most clubs through the early stages of what are challenging market conditions to date.”

“The club explained that it had hoped to conclude some incoming and outgoing deals early and while sharing frustrations, there is confidence that the squad will be improved.”

“The club emphasized that rumors in the media had no influence on its operations.”

“The club explained that planning for a specific transfer window takes place well in advance, so the mutual decision by the club and Graham Carr to part ways would have no impact on current targets.”

So we expect 26 year-old Frenchman Florian Lejeune to be coming in – who do you think the other players are?

Here is where you can find the minutes in PDF format of last Thursday’s meeting – at the bottom of the page in the middle.

It looks like there are no immediate planned improvements to the Benton Training grounds but over time the club wants to vastly improve the overall training facilities.

Comments welcome.


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