This Newcastle Star Has A Huge Heart – Can You Help Him Out?

Newcastle star Isaac Hayden spent a couple of hours of his time at the West End Food Bank yesterday afternoon helping to put food parcels together for those in need.

Other volunteers do the work at the Food Bank on a daily basis, but when a Newcastle player turns up, it helps with the publicity and hopefully helps with the donations too.

Those in need rely on these food banks to feed their families.

The NUFC Fans Food Bank – which carries out collections of food before every home match, as well as in its store in the Grainger Market, has been a big help to people in need.

The Food Bank collects food before every Newcastle home match, and that’s in addition to collections at its store in the Grainger Market – and it has been a huge help to the West End Food Bank.

Isaac Hayden – can you help Isaac and the Food Bank out with a donation?

This is what a humbled Isaac Hayden said yesterday, as reported in the Chronicle today in what is a heart warming article:

“It is eye-opening. You see the different spectrums that people live under.”

“Obviously, only a mile down the road is St James’ Park and four miles up there is Ponteland, and it’s a completely different story.”

“To be involved in this and to see this is eye-opening, and it certainly humbles you,” the midfielder adds.”

“I think it’s important to get involved in community work and find out a bit more about these things.”

“The amount that’s been given is amazing. Long may it continue. If we can improve it even more, then brilliant.”

Things like this are important, and the club and the players can really help out.” 

“The fans up here are second to none. They’re not only good supporters, but they help each other out. It’s just a good community.”

“They’re just good people up here, really friendly, really happy generally, and people are walking through here with a smile on their face.”

“You might sit there and think ‘how can you have a smile?’ It just makes you think when you’ve had a bad game or bad day or whatever.”

“You have to think that these people are still smiling in the situations that they’re in.”

“You can’t go to a place like this and walk out and not think about it. It’s just something that touches your heart.”

“To see and speak to people gives you a lasting impression.”

“It’s definitely something that I can hopefully help with in the future.”

“It’s a long way from my home in Brentwood, Essex. I said that last year. It’s a big change for myself.”

“But it’s something that I’ve relished and got on with and I’ve definitely grown as a person and as a player.”

“The more I can help out the better it is. The more exposure this place gets, the more people will hopefully get involved.”

“What we want as players is to get involved in good things that can help the community and not things that could give players a bad name.”

Local fans can donate food in Newcastle at tomorrow’s game against Stoke, but fans away from home base like readers on this blog can also help by donating money to the cause.

You can do that here.

Rafa Benitez wants the club to be the center of everything that happens in the community and helping out with the West End Food Bank is one of those great things the club can do for the community.

Helping out with the West End Food Bank is one of those great things the club can do for the community.

Please help if at all possible.

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  • lochinvar

    Sep 15, 2017 at 8:25 AM

    Comment #1

    After last nights fiasco at the Emirates Arsenal could have had another Hillsborough on their hands.

    One of the richest clubs in Europe they failed to control fans, allowed away fans into home fans areas fireproof which the only conclusion is that prawn eating London fans either didn’t take up their ticket options or sold their tickets to away fans for mega bucks.

    Koln will have to be thrown out the competition and Arsenal fined massively and ordered to play games behind closed doors you would think UEFA ? Wouldn’t you ?

  • Bobbybee

    Sep 15, 2017 at 8:29 AM

    Comment #2

    Really good to see our players involved in the community. Unless somebody else wrote that for him, which is so unlikely as to not be worth considering, then he gets it 100%. These days footballers live on a different planet to the rest of us, unless they’ve come from a similar background. Even that is getting less likely by the day because so many of their parents pay for their football education nowadays. It truly is refreshing to see footballers getting involved with things like the food banks.. All credit to the lads and Rafa for that. Makes you even more proud to be a Magpie.


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