Carragher – Liverpool Need To Be More Like Benitez Teams

Liverpool do not have a good defense and are guilty too many times of letting in goals that could be avoided.

One of those was in our 1-1 draw at St. James’ Park when one pas from Jonjo Shelvey split the Reds defense, and Joselu was through to get the equalizer with help from Joel Matip.

And it’s very rare that team without strong defenses you can win anything – we found that out with Kevin Keegan’s great attacking team of the 1990s – the Entertainers.

Liverpool are a bit like that under Jurgen Klopp, and it will be interesting tomorrow to see how they cope with the Manchester United attack.

Liverpool have already conceded 12 goals in 7 games this season, and that’s not good enough if they expect to win anything.

Jamie Carragher – Reds need to think more about defense

Jamie Carragher knows a bit about defending, and he was part of Rafa Benitez’ Liverpool team that did so well from 2004 until Rafa left the club in 2010.

And they were solid in defense.

This is what Jamie has said on Sky Sports about what Liverpool need to do – tighten up that defense:

“I played in teams under Houllier and Benitez who were a lot more defensive thinking,”

“We weren’t as good on the eye as this Liverpool team.”

“You’d have in your mind that you’re going away from home and you’re coming with a clean sheet.”

“You’d be always switched on defending.”

Liverpool finished 4th last season, and that was a (very) good performance in the league.

But it’s doubtful they can replicate that this season with few improvements made in their defensive play.

They would do well to concentrate on their defense and make it more organized and keep their shape.

That’s much like what Rafa has done at Newcastle United this season – come to think of it.

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    Sing in the corner…….. I completely agree with you that the faux outrage mob on here ( Our Toon and Jesper Fuddleschlong being the two senior members) really do take every opportunity to feign offence and reach for the moral high ground. Lighten up boys ffs.

    One fine day……… Loved the Weinstein quip so keep em coming son. And for those that do indeed want to make the blog a sterile humourless place , I ve seen some of the on screen performances from some of the actresses involved in the Weinstein scandal and believe you me they needed fcuking.

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    I don’t find jokes relating to rape funny, maybe if you or a family member were affected by it you may view those jokes differently, but maybe not, you may well just be a complete idiot.

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    What is it they say about mouth-breathers who like to use big words, again?


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