Rafa – I Don’t See Any Difficulty Now – It’s A Challenge For Me At Newcastle

The current situation at Newcastle is that Mike Ashley is waiting for a second improved offer from Amanda Staveley and the consortium she has put together to try to buy the club.

That was due by the end of the week but no news yet on whether a new improved offer has been submitted.

Since it’s Sunday tomorrow, there’s bound to be some news on the takeover – whether it’s true or not.

The manager Rafa Benitez is taking all of this in his stride, and he seems inspired by the coaching challenge he has on his hands at the club.

That’s because he didn’t get the class of players he wanted in the summer but it is a huge challenge for him now, and he needs to keep Newcastle in the Premier League this season as the first priority.

But he seems happy at Newcastle where he is adored by the Geordie fans.

Rafa Benitez – a challenge for me at Newcastle

Rafa was asked if he could see himself as Newcastle manager in 12 months time and he answered this way – as reported by Sky Sports:

“I think so. “I’m quite happy with this group of players. They’re improving, they’re learning.”

“I think so. I don’t see any difficulty now. It’s a challenge now.” “I was disappointed after the summer?”  “Yes.”

“But still this is a chance for me.”

“It still doesn’t change too much, so you have to look for good players and if they’re available and in January that’s difficult.”

“The last thing you ask about is the price. “If we have a change in ownership, we don’t know if we will have money or not, because of the Financial Fair Play rules.”

“They don’t allow you to spend too much money. “We’re just looking for good players – better players than we already have – or to fix positions we need to fix.”

“We’re not thinking about how much money to spend.”

“We have an idea if this player could be cheaper or could be more expensive, but we don’t know, so we have to concentrate on what we can do and that’s preparing the side.”

“I don’t the figures of the club, but I know it’s not that you can say ‘we have £100M’.”

“What we know is we’ll not have too much money if it’s a new ownership, and if it’s the same one, the figures could be very similar.”

Rafa’s contract has only 19 months to run so at some point he will need to be offered a new deal to stay long-term at the club.

We need all 3 points today against Watford at home.

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