Total Premier League Payout Per Club Last Season – Why Newcastle Can Expect Maybe £120M In May

There was a good piece in the Chronicle yesterday about Newcastle expecting at least £100M in payout from the Premier League for this season.

When you look at the first season payout to Premier League clubs last May, only bottom-placed Sunderland failed to make the £100M figure, and they were only about £100K short.

Newcastle are a popular club to have on TV – probably because of Rafa being the manager plus our great history – so we will be getting a good figure from being on TV a lot this season.

We’ll take a look at things in this article based on what clubs got from the PL for last season and what Newcastle can expect in May.

Rafa Benitez – money, money, money – no wonder he’s smiling

Here’s the payout s last season – the two payments shown for each club are based in the main on the position in the league table, plus how many times the club was shown live on  TV.

                      Merit  + TV	  TOTAL WINNINGS 

1st - CHELSEA	       £38m + £30.4m	  £152.8m (1st)
2nd - TOTTENHAM	       £36.1m + £27.6m    £148.1m (Equal 4th)
3rd - MAN CITY	       £34.2m + £30.4     £149m (2nd)
4th - LIVERPOOL	       £32.3m + £31.4     £148.1m (Equal 4th)
5th - ARSENAL	       £30.4m + £27.6m    £142.4m (6th)
6th - MAN UNITED       £28.5m + £30.4m    £143.3m (5th)
7th - EVERTON	       £26.6m + £21.      £132.1m (7th)
8th - SOUTHAMPTON      £24.7m + £18.2m    £127.3m (8th)
9th - BOURNEMOUTH      £22.8m + £16.4m    £123.6m (9th)
10th - WEST BROM       £20.9m + £14.5m    £119.8m (12th)
11th - WEST HAM	       £19m + £18.2m	  £121.6m (10th)
12th - LEICESTER       £17.1m + £19.2m	  £120.7m (11th)
13th - STOKE CITY      £15.2m + 13.8m	  £113.4m (14th)
14th - CRYSTAL PALACE  £13.3m + £17.3m	  £115m (13th)
15th - SWANSEA	       £11.4m + £13.6m	  £109.4m (15th)
16th - BURNLEY	       £9.5m + £13.6m	  £107.5 (17th)
17th - WATFORD	       £7.6m + £16.4m	  £108.4m (16th)
18th - HULL CITY       £5.7m + £13.6m	  £103.7m (19th)
19th - MIDDLESBROUGH   £3.8m + £16.4m	  £104.6m (18th)
20th - SUNDERLAND      £1.9m + £13.6m     £99.9m (20th)

It’s hardly surprising the two Manchester clubs were on TV the most and got £30.4 each; every TV appearances means a little more than £1M in revenue for clubs.

Bournemouth, West Brom, and West Ham finished in 9th, 10th and 11th position (mid-table) and each got around £120M.

That’s where we are hoping Newcastle can finish, and if we could do that, we could earn more than £120M this season.

Even if we finish lower down, we should get more than last season’s clubs in those positions, because we have been shown on TV more this term.

The main thing is to avoid the drop of course – but if Rafa can get us some wins through the end of the season, it’s possible we could finish mid-table.

We are also assuming Mike Ashley will keep his word and give Rafa money available from the club (every last penny) in this summer’s transfer window – something he famously failed to do last summer.

Newcastle financials for the relegation season – July 1st through June 30th, 2017 – are due to be issued mid-March.

Our revenue will slip with Newcastle getting only £40M as a parachute payment from the PL and £7.1M for being in the Championship; whatever the position the club finished down below they get £7.1M.

In our last season in the Premier League (2015-2016) we got around £78M from the PL when we were relegated.

So that’s a loss of close to £30M right there.

The results will not be good for the last financial year, but hopefully, it’s upwards and onwards from now on under Rafa Benitez.

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  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Feb 28, 2018 at 3:33 PM

    Comment #1

    Still looks blo0dy cold in the indoor training hangar, no wonder some players prefer Spanish clubs as opposed to coming to the NE.

  • Lindisfarne

    Feb 28, 2018 at 3:40 PM

    Comment #2

    Newcastle United have found a real talent in U23s Mo Sangare with the midfielder working hard every day to earn NUFC debut – Chronicle

    Dawson added: “We’re still not sure exactly which position he will play. He has played as an 8 and a little bit as a 4. We’ve asked him to take a bit of responsibility in terms of doing an extra five minutes before training each day on the bounce boards to work on his touch. “He is so powerful that he often isn’t set. It looks at times like he’s sloppy but he’s got that much power. “If we can get a little bit more quality out of him and a little bit more game understanding, we will see where that takes him.” Sangare’s lack of experience is understandable at just 19 but the fact that Sangare’s introduction to the game was those seven-a-side games in Stockport as recently as just 2016 means this footballing tale is far from the usual route of a Newcastle reserve player.

  • toonluvva

    Feb 28, 2018 at 10:48 PM

    Comment #3

    £120M? Not that Rafa will see much of it to strengthen the squad.

    All the other teams will use the money to bring in decent players, and I expect the 3 teams who come up from the Championship to gamble by spending a large sum in an attempt to maintain their newly found PL status.

    NUFC? – we will be scouring the bargain bins and trying to bring in last minute loan deals.

    The question will be where did the money go?


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