Newcastle Losing Ground To Other Teams Fighting Relegation

Newcastle dropped further down the table after we were beaten 2-0 at Liverpool on Saturday and the only thing local reporters think was good for Newcastle coming out of that game was the low scoreline.

Other teams have been taken apart at Liverpool, and that didn’t happen to Newcastle – at least when you look at the score.

So our goal difference is still decent at -13 and better than all sides fighting relegation other than Southampton and Bournemouth;  that could be an extra point for us in the relegation battle when push comes to shove.

But with Swansea and Brighton both winning their games over the weekend and Southampton, Stoke, and Bournemouth drawing their games – Newcastle have lost ground on those teams.

And the game tonight which sees Manchester United at Crystal Palace may also provide another shock if Palace win that game.

That would put Newcastle 4th bottom and just one point above the relegation zone.

Our next two games are at home against Southampton and Huddersfield, and we need wins in those games.

But with Newcastle not being able to score many goals, winning games has been difficult for us and we’ve won only 7 of the 29 league games played.

There’s also a home game on April 28th against West Brom that we must win.

If we can win those 3 home games, we may be safe in the league with 38 points.


But every game that Newcastle don’t win will put us in further jeopardy of being relegated this season.

And then heaven only knows what will happen then.

But we cannot see Rafa staying on and continue to be tortured by the owner of Newcastle.

Wins are what will save us in these vital 9 games of this tough season.

It could be difficult, but we can still do it.

Even if it means the nerves of Newcastle fans will be further shredded come the final game on May 13th – unlucky for some.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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  • sing in the corner

    Mar 5, 2018 at 8:28 AM

    Comment #1

    In steady decline,this blog lately mind.
    Most of the folk who are left seem dead set on repeatedly sticking the boot into Rafa over the Mitro loan to Fulham, for example, and the myth that he wasn’t given enough chances here.
    Some people seem intent on bigging themselves up, trotting out ‘I told you so’ over and over again. Then adding but I do want Rafa yo stay in the small print.
    Sounds like maybe you should apply for the manager’s role, especially since you know more about the tactics than Rafa does?

  • Bigjim67

    Mar 5, 2018 at 8:43 AM

    Comment #2

    Nine games to go and there will be enough time to have Slimani back fit and banging the goals in, no pressure on him or anything!!!! Will be more unexpected results and twists to the run in but i think we might just scrape a few wins together and just stay up.

  • JDdubai

    Mar 5, 2018 at 9:08 AM

    Comment #3


    But Rafa has put his own ego/stubbornness ahead of what is best for the team with Mitro/Joselu. We would have got more if he had given a Mitro confidence and as much of a run of games as he gave Joselu. Not really a myth at all.

    He apparently can’t trust him, but Shelvey who has been Sent off twice for us this season is welcomed back again and again.

    Don’t see why so many get so angry if Rafa is criticised. He has pulled so much out of the squad he has got, best defensively in my time of following us, unity within the team etc etc. But I can still stay he dropped the ball with our CFs, especially again in jan when we were loaning someone who was already injured.

    But I still want Rafa to stay.


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