Southampton Result So Important – We Have No Intention Of Losing That Game

When we have a two-week International break, it’s always good that we have a good result (meaning a win) and it helps fans get through those two weeks – with a smile on their faces.

It wasn’t an International break when we beat Manchester United at home 1-0 in what was our best performance this season, and we could savor that win for two weeks.

And we did!

But then we threw away 2 points at Bournemouth in the next game after dominating the game or a full 75 minutes and missed good chances to go 3-0 up.

We were ready to celebrate only the second time we have won two games in a row this season,  but then Dan Gosling equalized in the 89th minute.

That’s what happens when you support Newcastle – it’s up and down all the way.

Mikel Merino – we have no intention of losing against Southampton

Mikel Merino came back in for the injured Jonjo Shelvey last Saturday in the 2-0 loss at Liverpool and talked about how important it is the get a result this Saturday:

“Our goal difference is always important for us, and when we play big teams, we are not losing by big margins,”

“Everyone can see the team is working hard, and we know goal difference will be important. “Of course, it is not good to lose a game.”

“We were not keeping it tight just to avoid conceding goals. We tried to keep it tight because that was the way we could get something out of the game.”

“But no one wants to lose heavily. The less (sic) goals we concede, the better it will be for us.”

“It is not about much better psychologically to lose narrowly, but it could be better position wise at the end of the season. Goal difference could be crucial.”

“After the Southampton game, we have a three-week break, and it’s always good to pick up a good result at a time like that,”

“If you have a defeat, you have a lot of time to dwell on it. It’s the worst thing to do because you have so much time to think about it.”

“But we have no intention of losing it. “We want to go into the break with a good mentality.”

It’s going to be almost unbearable if we don’t win this Saturday – but Rafa will be asking at his press conference this Friday for all the fans and everybody associated with Newcastle to stick together.

If we can do that through all the ups and downs, we could end up safe come May 13th  after another difficult season to take.

Rafa will also ask for calmness through the end of the season – but I’m not sure about that.


Here’s where we stand and a win will take us 4 points clear of Southampton with 8 games to play.

11Crystal Palace38-1044
13West Ham38-2042

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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  • Mister Tuff

    Mar 6, 2018 at 3:39 PM

    Comment #1

    Whilst it’s up to the individual to have opinions on different people – Stan Collymore is a woman beater. He punched Ulrika Johnson in the face and when she
    tumbled to the ground he have her a booting.
    So I for one really think his views are of no interest – he even got it wrong about the reasons he has not given Rafa a decent transfer pot (as pointed out by Jail earlier).

  • Mister Tuff

    Mar 6, 2018 at 3:41 PM

    Comment #2

    error ” reasons Mr Tubbs has not given Rafa…….”.

  • JohnJ

    Mar 6, 2018 at 4:01 PM

    Comment #3

    Here are all the last ten fixtures involving teams in danger of “The Drop”
    I haven’t included Everton (11th) & Watford but expect them to get the points they need to reach the magic 40 – that usually means safety! You’ll see there are a lot of “Dog eat Dog” fixtures so all is by no means lost for Newcastle!

    I still think Newcastle can do it (reach 40+) but then again I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to Newcastle United – don’t ask me why!

    10th Brighton

    04/03 Arsenal (H) Won 2 – 1 Points 34
    10/03 Everton (A)
    18/03 Man City (A)
    31/03 Leicester (H)
    07/04 Huddersfield (H)
    14/04 Crystal Palace (A)
    21/04 Spurs (H)
    28/04 Burnley (A)
    05/05 Man U (H)
    13/05 Liverpool (A)

    12th Bournemouth

    03/03 Leicester (A) Drew 1 – 1 Points 33
    11/03 Spurs (H)
    17/03 West Brom (H)
    31/03 Watford (A)
    07/04 Crystal Palace (H)
    14/04 Liverpool (A)
    21/04 Man United (H)
    28/04 Southampton (A)
    05/05 Swansea (H)
    13/05 Burnley (A)

    13th Swansea

    03/03 West Ham (H) Won 4 – 1 Points 30
    10/03 Huddersfield (A)
    17/03 Southampton (H)
    31/03 Man United (A)
    07/04 West Brom (A)
    14/04 Everton (H)
    21/04 Man City (A)
    28/04 Chelsea (H)
    05/05 Bournemouth (A)
    13/05 Stoke (H)

    14th West Ham

    03/03 Swansea (A) Lost 1 – 4 Points 30
    10/03 Burnley (H)
    18/03 Man United (H)
    31/03 Southampton (H)
    07/04 Chelsea (A)
    14/04 Stoke (H)
    21/04 Arsenal (A)
    28/04 Man City (H)
    05/05 Leicester (A)
    13/05 Everton (H)

    15th Huddersfield

    03/03 Spurs – (A) Lost 2 – 0 Points 30
    10/03 Swansea (H)
    17/03 Crystal Palace (H)
    31/03 Newcastle United (A)
    07/04 Brighton (A)
    14/04 Watford (H)
    21/04 ` Chelsea (A)
    28/04 Everton (H)
    05/05 Man City (A)
    13/05 Arsenal (H)

    16th Newcastle United

    03/03 Liverpool (A) Lost 0 – 2 Points 29
    10/03 Southampton (H)
    16/03 Spurs (A) TBC
    31/03 Huddersfield (H)
    07/04 Leicester (A)
    14/04 Arsenal (H)
    21/04 Everton (A)
    28/04 West Brom (H)
    05/05 Watford (A)
    13/05 Chelsea (H)

    17th Southampton

    03/03 Stoke (H) Drew 0 – 0 Points 28
    10/03 Newcastle United (A)
    17/03 Swansea (A)
    31/03 West Ham (A)
    07/04 Arsenal (A)
    14/04 Chelsea (H)
    21/04 Leicester (A)
    28/04 Bournemouth (H)
    05/05 Everton (A)
    13/05 Man City (H)

    18th Crystal Palace

    05/03 Manchester United (H) Lost 2 – 3 Points 27
    10/03 Chelsea (A)
    17/03 Huddersfield (A)
    31/03 Liverpool (H)
    07/04 Bournemouth (A)
    14/04 Brighton (H)
    21/04 Watford (A)
    28/04 Leicester (H)
    05/05 Stoke (A)
    13/05 West Brom (H)

    19th Stoke City

    03/03 Southampton (A) Drew 0 – 0 Points 27
    12/03 Man City (H)
    17/03 Everton (H)
    01/04 Arsenal (A)
    07/04 Spurs (H)
    14/04 Chelsea (H)
    21/04 Burnley (H)
    28/04 Liverpool (A)
    05/05 Crystal Palace (H)
    13/05 Swansea (A

    20th West Brom

    03/03 Watford (A Lost 1 – 0 Points 20
    10/03 Leicester (H)
    17/03 Bournemouth (A)
    31/03 Burley (H)
    07/04 Swansea (H)
    14/04 Man United (A)
    21/04 Liverpool (H)
    28/04 Newcastle (A)
    05/05 Spurs (H)
    13/05 Crystal Palace (A)

  • geordie7373

    Mar 6, 2018 at 5:46 PM

    Comment #4

    It looks like Stoke, West Ham and Southampton have the toughest runs left. After this weekend it sure would be nice to only need 8 points from our last 8 games to get to 40!


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