Newcastle Striker Target Says He’s Not Happy At Current Club

Rafa rates AFC Bournemouth striker Josh King and we have been interested in the striker since Rafa came to Newcastle two years ago.

And King has been interviewed today in the Norwegian press and says he is not happy at Bournemouth since he was switched last season to a more deep-lying role number 10 role by manager Eddie Howe.

The 31 times capped Norwegian International (10 goals) has told the Norwegian press via VG that he is not happy at the moment at the Cherries.

Josh King – doesn’t like playing as a number 10 for the Cherries

This is what Josh has said:

“I don’t like to make excuses but I have to say that I was surprised that I returned in pre-season and was switched to a deeper position than the one I did so well in the year before.”

“I’m not happy and my manager knows that.”

“I have talked to the boss and told him that I don’t like this role, but what is said between us stays in that room.”

“It’s not a secret that I don’t like it.”  “I’m a striker and that’s where I’m at my best.”

“People might say I’m selfish complaining when I play regularly but the numbers speak for themselves.”

“I’m best as a striker. If you look at me as a player, I think nobody would say that I’m a No. 10.”

“I have three years left on my contract at Bournemouth, but in football, you never know.”

“I just want to play in my best position. Why change something that worked so well?”

“I don’t know, and maybe it’s been playing on my mind all season.”

In the season before last Josh hit 16 Premier league goals in 36 appearances but last season it was down to 8 goals in 33 appearances and that’s one thing he’s not happy about.

Rafa Benitez will bring in at least one new striker this summer and maybe he will go after Josh.

But the former Manchester United youngster would need to be more flexible at Newcastle and wouldn’t necessarily always be employed by Rafa as an out-and-out striker.

Josh is rated at around £20M and he has shown he can scores goals in the Premier League.

This is an interesting development for Newcastle.

What do you think?

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  • RobLeenio

    May 30, 2018 at 9:34 AM

    Comment #1

    Apropos of nothing at all, my office looks directly up St James’ Boulevard towards St James’ Park. I’ve just watched a helicopter land in what must have been Leazes Park or somewhere else nearby. Very close to the ground anyway.

  • RUNAWAY777

    May 30, 2018 at 9:37 AM

    Comment #2

    This is starting to look like last season with all the old names popping up again but theres only a short window to get players rafa really wants you listen ashley..

  • Ron Knee

    May 30, 2018 at 9:41 AM

    Comment #3


    It’s Gareth Bale – our first signing!

  • RobLeenio

    May 30, 2018 at 9:43 AM

    Comment #4

    Ron, if it were Bale, I wouldn’t care if he turned out to be our ONLY signing.

  • Ron Knee

    May 30, 2018 at 9:47 AM

    Comment #5

    A snip at £121million, Rob!

  • jettson

    May 30, 2018 at 9:53 AM

    Comment #6

    at 1 – helicopter be air ambulance 4 RVI. It lands alot of Richardson Rd. So no news there.

  • Lee Charnley Bunga Party

    May 30, 2018 at 10:01 AM

    Comment #7

    That’s a picture of Callum Wilson Ed ! Ha ha although if it wasn’t for his injury issues he would be a decent addition to the squad

  • Jib

    May 30, 2018 at 10:03 AM

    Comment #8

    Was it yellow and green Rob ?
    If so it’s what jettson says
    Northumbria air ambulance
    probably Mr Tuff fallen into his threshing machine again

  • Lindisfarne

    May 30, 2018 at 10:08 AM

    Comment #9
  • Lindisfarne

    May 30, 2018 at 10:11 AM

    Comment #10

    I can predict Fulham will use the possibility of signing King to push the price of Mitrovic down, just like NUFC do with target transfers.

  • RobLeenio

    May 30, 2018 at 10:12 AM

    Comment #11

    Nope, not yellow and green – white and blue. Also looked too low for the RVI, though I could be wrong. It was heading that direction, came in over Barrack Rd from the West. Like I say, it could be nothing at all.

  • OneAlanShearer

    May 30, 2018 at 10:12 AM

    Comment #12

    Yep Wilson is 13 and king is number 17 lol.

    I like king. Him and a big striker worth a punt. I’m still hoping despite his injuries that Carroll is cheap enough now to be worth a punt.

    King, Carroll, a top number 10, lw, playmaker cover, dm, rb, cb cb cover, lb cover and Dubravka with possibly another keeper in would be ideal

  • dig-n-dig22

    May 30, 2018 at 10:15 AM

    Comment #13

    Jettson #6

    If it’s an air ambulance helicopter that’s landed near SJP, it may be Islam Slimani coming to sign for us.

  • Jib

    May 30, 2018 at 10:19 AM

    Comment #14

    Was it like this


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