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Wor Flags Issue Detailed Statement On Accomplishments And New Plans

The Wor Flags group made an outstanding contribution to the atmosphere at Newcastle’s home matches last season with some brilliant flags being shown.

They have issued a lengthy statement today reviewing the past and their achievements and some of what they plan for the immediate future and the longer-term future.

It would be great if you can support them monetarily or by helping the group put the flags together.

Here’s the Wor Flags statement:

“Last season was an eventful one for everyone following Newcastle United, not least Wor Flags.”

“Following their emergence from Gallowgate Flags last October, the completely fan-led group continued the fine work of that predecessor by putting on some of the most incredible fans displays that Newcastle, or the Premier League, has ever seen.”

“This dedicated band of fans took a pointed shot at the press in October with a display replacing some well-worn cliches with a recognition of the ‘fight, desire, hunger’ that has epitomised this United team under Rafa.”

“In December headlines from throughout the 125-year history of the club adorned the Gallowgate to mark that anniversary.”

“And the season finished with another, even more spectacular nod to the unity of this team in the form of a five-metre high banner stretching the width of the Gallowgate.”

“Not willing to rest on their laurels, the group are now deep in planning for the new season.”

“Whilst there is a constant desire to keep producing inspiring displays, there are also plans to ensure the sustainability of the group for the future.”

“We have been continually blown away by the generosity of our fellow fans whose donations have made it possible for us to do what we do.

“Whilst the previous GoFundMe campaigns have been good for us, we wanted to move to a system that cuts down on the amount we lose to various fees.”

“By running this through our own website we hope to maximize the amount that is spent on the displays themselves.”

“We are also now taking direct debit subscriptions.

“In essence, we are keen to ensure that the group is sustainable, with an income – through one off donations, direct debits, and merchandise from our shop – that ensures that Wor Flags can continue to do what it has set out to do for years to come.”

“We are keen that the group is bigger, longer lasting than any individual contribution.”

“With this in mind, we’ll also be hosting a get together for any fans interested in getting involved before the new season.”

“Hopefully we play a part in building a spectacular atmosphere at St James’ Park the impact really comes with noise from the stands for the 90 plus minutes of the match.”

“Last season, hundreds of like-minded fans moved to Block V in the hopes of contributing to a wall of noise in the Gallowgate.”

“Anyone wishing to move across this season are encouraged to contact Wor Hyem or the Newcastle United box office with their name and supporter number, with availability currently in Block V and neighboring Block U for those wishing to move.”

“Whilst the group are delighted with the success of the singing section so far, in the long run the goal remains bigger: the introduction of safe-standing at St James’ Park.”

“In the coming weeks details for displays planned for the coming season will also be appearing on the group’s website.

“Priorities at the moment include restocking on some of the black and white flags that have become an iconic part of the Gallowgate with the current stock showing the wear and tear of two riotous seasons since their first introduction.”

“Of course, there will also be some new ideas and displays through the season.”

Good stuff there and if any Wor Flags member happens to be reading this I can help get the word out via the blog on getting those donations coming in.

Just send an email to admin@nufcblog.com – I want to help you on the financial side of things.