Rafa Asks Fans To Support His Players – They Give Everything

Rafa Benitez has explained today how with so many defeats in our first few games his players lost their confidence.

That’s not at all surprising, but at least the lads fought in each game and were close to getting points in every game apart from the poor showing at home to Leicester City.

But that was the exception, and we have now broken through with our first win of the season against Watford last Saturday.

This is what Rafa has said in the Chronicle today, and he again calls for the support of Newcastle fans:

“We played against five of the top six in the first 10 games.””The confidence was low.”

“When you play the teams like Brighton that are around our level, it is difficult when you don’t have the confidence.”

“You make more mistakes and you have that anxiety – our fans understand.”

“I will explain again.”

“In the Championship when we weren’t playing well, some fans were not happy with some players.”

“But they knew booing or doing something negative won’t change the performance of the player.”

“What do our fans expect from our players?” “That they give everything.” “We have players that care.”

“We have praised this group of players because they care.”

“Now we have to support them so they have the confidence and can play at that level.”

“We have to get the best from this team. We have to be positive.”

Rafa Benitez has a difficult situation coming since the newly-formed Magpie Group have organized protests against the owner and have called for a boycott for the home game against Wolves in early December.

That’s a winnable game, and if the boycott is “successful,” it will almost certainly affect the players.negatively.

But what is a boycott supposed to achieve and what is the definition of success; an empty stadium?

Does that hurt Ashley?

It looks like it hurts the club and the team.

But personal opinions aside, it’s going to be interesting to see how the manager handles this upcoming situation.

Rafa doesn’t want to go against the fans – but he also knows he needs the points this season.

The manager also goes out to win every single game, and he has always asked for the support of the fans to do that, which has always been one of Newcastle’s significant strengths.

It’s a difficult situation for everybody.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:25 PM

    Comment #1

    Ki Sung Yeung, our very own David Beckham, according to the link posted yesterday.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:26 PM

    Comment #2

    Those pics you sent a link to, I didn’t see our venerable owner in any of them, presume he was invited.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:29 PM

    Comment #3

    Ayose only needs 1 goal to become our joint top scorer and put him on course for my prediction of him being our top scorer for the season.

  • Just a fan

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:35 PM

    Comment #4

    My wife used to teach at Longbenton cooking.david Craig came to her class with a disabled lad.that was his job then.A carer.Aprox nine years ago.he said the paper shops were to much he was there morning till night.

  • Charlie in the Gallowgate

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:36 PM

    Comment #5

    Our Toon
    Yeah I think Shelvey has been playing to deep at times becoming a third centre half which in turn limits his passing to short square passes and lumping it long
    Also I think other players came to rely on him to much by passing to him to much instead of using the ball better or carrying it forward themselves.
    Also Ki and Schar look comfortable on/ with the ball

  • RobLeenio

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:36 PM

    Comment #6

    Bill, sadly two goals to be highest league scorer is nowt for anyone to boast about 1/4 the way through the season…..

    We really need someone to take responsibility and start banging them in for fun. Sadly, I can’t think of anyone currently at the club who can do that, can you?


  • martoon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:50 PM

    Comment #7

    Just a fan @4 – Interesting as he would have been about 65 then – surely he must be retired by now?

  • scout

    Nov 7, 2018 at 3:59 PM

    Comment #8

    The boycott is a waste of time, you’re boycotting the club. If you don’t like the owner that’s your opinion but to stay away serves no purpose.
    It will achieve nothing, well probably deter any players from signing to be honest.

    Why do that

  • Jib

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:00 PM

    Comment #9

    Surely the FA have better things to do with their time


  • Online Guy

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:01 PM

    Comment #10

    Slow news day today.

    C’mon Jib liven it up !

    How’s wor Jane ?

  • RobLeenio

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:12 PM

    Comment #11

    Online Guy, yep, no Catchy and no debate. It’s been slow as owt today on here. Variety is the spice of life, Catchy and those like him who swim against the tide provide that variety on a slow news day – I just can’t bear them crowing on a match day after a defeat.

  • carltoon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:13 PM

    Comment #12

    David had an newspaper outlet at the metro station in North Shields. One day Ron McGarry was serving he was hilarious. God their pay must have been poor.

  • carltoon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:14 PM

    Comment #13

    I mean their earnings as footballers.

  • carltoon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:19 PM

    Comment #14

    I think Rondon might get a few goals if given the service. I don’t know about you but I think he could lose a bit weight he’s huge. He can hold the ball up well though

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:23 PM

    Comment #15


    Aye only two goals would be a bad return for our top scorer but now he’s got one, he’s going to start banging them in as he did the end of last season.

    I do wonder if his best role would be as a super sub only coming on after the other teams defense is tiring a bit.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:26 PM

    Comment #17

    carltoon, don’t think he’s fat just heavy boned. 😉

    Has the potential to be our own Akinfenwah!

  • RobLeenio

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:27 PM

    Comment #18

    Bill, do you know what I nearly posted earlier in the week how he could become our very own Solskjaer – God I used to hate seeing him come on for the Mancs.

    You never took my bait re someone banging them in within the club – I was waiting for S-O-R-E-N-S-E-N!!

  • carltoon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:32 PM

    Comment #19

    Yes Bill I think ya right. I’ve heard that excuse before. Not from me mind.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:32 PM

    Comment #20


    Just for you

    S-O-R-E-N-S-E-N. 🙂

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:35 PM

    Comment #21

    That link you just posted, that goal scorer looks a decent striker, wonder where he is now, Real Madrid, Barca, we could never afford to buy him back now though even if they were prepared to let him go.

  • hibbit

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:36 PM

    Comment #22

    scout, its a one game protest that personal i don’t agree with.

    But i find it hard to make sense of your post ,thousands of fans dislike the owner and the frustration is beginning to show through just look at this seasons attendance, not the number the club put out but the number of empty seat scattered around st James
    are you suggesting S/T holders should just continue to pay up without voicing there concerns over the running of the club,
    If Rafa keeps us up who benefits as i see it only Ashley,
    all we have to look forward to is another relegation battle next season and the invoice for the season ticket renewal

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:40 PM

    Comment #23


    We’re destined to be the best mid table team ever, surely we should be satisfied with that?

  • AncientC

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:42 PM

    Comment #24

    A lot of people are going to be disappointed if they think Ki is going to come in and outperform Shelvey. Shelvey is not the problem, the outlet players are.

    Ki looked good against Watford (first time I have specifically noticed), but that is because he came on during a time when the side was pushing forward more.

    How many times since Shelvey was signed have fans theorised that Shelvey was the problem; it was the same thing with Merino after not seeing much of him. If Shelvey was out injured for the rest of the season, I would lose all hope of staying in the PL. It has never taken long for Shelvey’s absence to be noticed any time he has been out injured—contrary to initial reactions that the side can play better without his long passes.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:46 PM

    Comment #25

    We definitely missed Shelvey when he was out last season and I reckon we’d miss him now, no reason why he and Ki shouldn’t play together, they have before, successfully.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    Comment #26

    Right it’s time for me to whip up a culinary delight for the family, later chaps.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:51 PM

    Comment #27

    carltoon, I believe players earned a maximum of £20 a week as footballers, which was a good wage compared to the rest of the working classes, not sure if they had pensions of any sort though.

  • Essex Geordie Bill

    Nov 7, 2018 at 4:52 PM

    Comment #28

    And that’s me definitely off, mouths to feed!

  • Our Toon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:08 PM

    Comment #29


    To stay away serves alot of purpose, if you can’t see the sense in it then that’s fine. You are entitled to keep going and no one should say otherwise.

    The boycott to me gives me a chance to show my dissent to an owner who has spent the last decade destroying our club, I won’t sit back and hope something changes, I’ll take a stand a try to force change. It may work it may not but at least I can say I tried!!

  • Online Guy

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:09 PM

    Comment #30


    I never read Catchys posts . Im not going against him as I don’t read him and never delve in to what he’s saying and I have a natural tendency to skip his posts due to the arguments he always seems to be embroiled in ..I skim them as well !

    So he has no effect on my sensitive equilibrium.

  • Our Toon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:10 PM

    Comment #31


    Shelvey needs to play higher up, even if it’s 10 yards further up, he keeps dropping to deep and prevents issues as we can only long as the other option in midfield is gone. He’s got more to his game than playing the role of quarter back, Gayle has gone so this season he needs to adapt his game.

  • Online Guy

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:17 PM

    Comment #32

    I’m on 20 metre ham band at moment (14mhz) and just spoke to a bloke on Pitcairn island .
    South Pacific.

    Through the ether..no Internet involved.

  • Jib

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:21 PM

    Comment #33

    Pitcairn was where the Bounty mutineers ended up
    – there are descendants of Fletcher Christian still
    living there.

  • Online Guy

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:25 PM

    Comment #34

    Aye Jib . Spot on .

  • Online Guy

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:33 PM

    Comment #35


    Last 2 weeks we had a ship sail out to Ducie island to activate it . It’s uninhabited . The lads stayed there for near 2 weeks so we could get a signal in and out . Was busy .

    We had the Ship waiting 300 yards off shore (The Braveheart) just in case of hurricanes etc.. the dxpedition had to leave 3 days early because it was getting hazardous not quite a hurricane .

    Well sponsored by a group of us.

  • Online Guy

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:38 PM

    Comment #36

    Jail’s gonna go dooley me talking ham radio stuff.

  • Jib

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:44 PM

    Comment #37

    Ducie is an atoll of 4sqkm including the central lagoon
    The really sad thing is , with global warming it may just
    end up a submerged shipping hazard in 20 years time.

  • Jib

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:49 PM

    Comment #38

    Dave Whelan (Ashley’s sworn foe) has just sold
    Wigan Athletic to a major Chinese investor.

  • Our Toon

    Nov 7, 2018 at 5:58 PM

    Comment #39


    It’s a consortium they’ve been bought out buy, Hong Kong based. Only worry with Chinese consortium’s is the people behind the deal remain unknown. AC Milan owners are a consortium but has raised questions in Italy as they have a PO Box as address and no one really knows where the money is coming from or if it will even last. Money laundering is the big worry

    Time will tell if this is good for Wigan but good on them for getting a new owner who can try to take them back up the divisions

  • Oldgit1

    Nov 7, 2018 at 6:03 PM

    Comment #40

    Online guy, you just put in my mind the Radio Ham with Tony Hancock, that was brilliant, esp when he had a mayday call and his neighbour was telling him to keep the noise down.
    So is that you in a bed sit on the radio then.


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