Once Bitten Twice Shy – Pundit Predicts Liverpool vs Newcastle Result

Paul Merson got carried away last week with Newcastle and after we had beaten Huddersfield 1-0 away he thought it was definite that Newcastle would beat a woeful Fulham side at home.

He even predicted a score of 3-0 which would have been our best result of the season.

He was wrong.

Having got carried away last week Paul is back talking again about how poor a team Newcastle are.

And he says if we beat Liverpool tomorrow it will be the shock of the season – there is such a gap in quality between the sides.

Paul Merson – predicts a 3-0 home win

So it’s a more down-to-earth Paul Merson predicting we will lose 3-0 tomorrow afternoon in Sky Sports:

“I watched Newcastle against Fulham, they never looked like scoring in a month of Sundays.”

“And they were playing against the worst defense in the world!”

“So this would be the biggest shock of the season if they won here.”

“Newcastle will defend for so long, but then it will not be enough.”

“Prediction 3-0.”

Let’s hope Paul is wrong again – and Rafa and our players can spring a surprise and shock everybody!

We’ve done it before.

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  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 2:43 PM

    Comment #1

    Can’t vote for us to lose

    0-1 the toon

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 2:44 PM

    Comment #2

    How many more years of MA ?

  • Jail for Ashley

    Dec 25, 2018 at 2:44 PM

    Comment #3

    I’d take 3-0 now tbh.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Dec 25, 2018 at 2:56 PM

    Comment #4

    From NUFC.com

    “A message to Newcastle supporters from Jonathan Tudor, son of former SJP favourite, John Tudor:

    My dad is struggling with Alzheimer’s and it has been linked to his many years of heading the ball.

    We are working with the Astle foundation as many former players are going through this, but it is a very challenging road.

    Many of my dad’s greatest memories were at St. James’ Park and he still has a great fondness for the Geordies.

    Please could you help give him a massive memory with a rendition of his NUFC song “Hallelujah, John Tudor!” in the 10th minute at Anfield on Boxing Day.

    I know it’s a lot to ask in these days of turmoil and takeovers, but please remember those ex-players that still have to work today and who rated passion higher than their pay packet.

    Good luck to the Toon”

  • Munster Mag

    Dec 25, 2018 at 2:58 PM

    Comment #5

    Hallelujah it’s John tudor

  • Munster Mag

    Dec 25, 2018 at 2:58 PM

    Comment #6

    Mick Mahoney supa goalie 🙂

  • Munster Mag

    Dec 25, 2018 at 2:59 PM

    Comment #7

    Supamac Supamac supamac:)

  • carltoon

    Dec 25, 2018 at 3:11 PM

    Comment #8

    My greatest memories are Of John Judor and Supermac. Such shame.

  • bill

    Dec 25, 2018 at 3:48 PM

    Comment #9

    We could do with those two upfront.

  • Jail for Ashley

    Dec 25, 2018 at 4:58 PM

    Comment #10

    It’s great when there’s no arguing on here 🙄

  • Mag :P

    Dec 25, 2018 at 5:19 PM

    Comment #11

    Why bring that up jail?

  • toon kk

    Dec 25, 2018 at 5:41 PM

    Comment #12

    As a club every team has to play each other twice . As fans we have a choice, so well done to all the travelling supporters going to Liverpool to watch our lads being given a football lesson.

  • scout

    Dec 25, 2018 at 5:44 PM

    Comment #13

    Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles were 40/1 to finish bottom

  • lochinvar

    Dec 25, 2018 at 7:16 PM

    Comment #14

    A draw tomorrow, away win at Watford and 3-0 win against Man Utd under the floodlights sets us up well for the second half of the season.


  • Jail for Ashley

    Dec 25, 2018 at 7:29 PM

    Comment #15

    Have you been on the Talisker 😮

  • Just a fan

    Dec 25, 2018 at 7:35 PM

    Comment #16

    I never rated john Tudor but maybe I’ve been a bit harsh on him.
    He seems a genuine nice guy and that’s the important thing.

  • lochinvar

    Dec 25, 2018 at 7:59 PM

    Comment #17

    sadly not as we’ve all been taken down by a bad dose of the nasties.
    Still there’s a new bottle of Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold to look forward to on Auld Year’s night, along with a few others. Funny how a wee dram works like rose tinted spectacles, now thinking 4-1 against the Mancs.

  • Mag52

    Dec 25, 2018 at 8:19 PM

    Comment #18


    Yedlin Fernandez Lascelles Schar Dummett
    Ritchie Diarme Hayden Atsu

    That’s a strong defence if they all play to form. The scousers will have a job to break it down too often.

  • scout

    Dec 25, 2018 at 8:46 PM

    Comment #19

    What about 0-0 at 22/1

  • jane

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:23 PM

    Comment #22

    0-0 is 27/1 on Betfair scout.

  • jane

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:24 PM

    Comment #23

    Nickly i think Rafa’s frustration was also directed at fans for their reaction to the Fulham game.

  • Jib

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:29 PM

    Comment #24

    Jane is spot on
    we have more than our fair
    share of whiners

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:32 PM

    Comment #25


    The voice of KBA

    Utter bullocks

    trying to pin Rafas problems on the fans,thats a new one lol

    Where OLG with more fakeover news these days ?

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:34 PM

    Comment #26

    Were sick of all the lies and deceit
    Were being made mugs of by your boss and weve had enough

    Rafas the only boss in football history getting grief from an owner for showing some ambition

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:35 PM

    Comment #27

    The very fact your still here posting PR for MA is proof hes not selling

    How many more times can he pretend to sell until the media turns on him ?

  • Bowjaw

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:36 PM

    Comment #28

    All the best Ed and all the bloggers.

    Just wondering if it’s only me that hasn’t heard Rafa once say it would be a miracle if we stayed up.

    The only interview I heard was Rafa saying it would be a miracle to finish as high as we did last season or something along those lines and the press have once again smashed it all over the place.

    I might be wrong but i just haven’t heard him say it.

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:39 PM

    Comment #29

    You think Rafa will sign a new contract with the toon ?
    With everything MA has done to mug him off ?

    If he dont sell hes leaving

    Thats going to be a car crash of epic proportions.

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:41 PM

    Comment #30

    The crowd will give the new guy 0 games before they are on his back
    We cant even spend big to save the mess were in as nobody with two brain cells to rub together will sign for us

    It will also anger the fans even more as Rafa wasnt give a penny

    Theres no happy ending to any of this,were another MA gamble

    Hope he ends up in prison

  • Nicky the ball tosser

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:42 PM

    Comment #32

    Booing isn’t helpful, but I think that after a performance like that, at home, no shots on target, against a team that hadn’t kept a clean sheet in twenty matches and are bottom, Rafa will at least understand and share in the fans frustrations. He needs some attacking reinforcements to keep us up, and to be able to add decent value to the match day ticket. I think his frustrations are solely with the owner, who despite receiving the windfall of the telly money, presided over a 20 million pound trading profit last window, leaving us with less firepower second season back, than we had even first, when we of course failed to bring in enough quality too and did amazingly well to finish tenth.

  • jane

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:43 PM

    Comment #33

    good question Bowjaw i thought it was odd if he said that considering relegation is 5/1.

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:45 PM

    Comment #34

    You see the one thing Rafa has done is show some ambition
    Its not lost on the fans,its why we love him
    As a result it has show MA plain as day to everyone,exactly what he is

    A liar,without a care for our club

    Its one or the other

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:46 PM

    Comment #35


    IF MA dont sell your stuck here trying to smooth over the biggest car crash in a great many years

    Weve had enough of being MA piggy bank,we want our football club back

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:47 PM

    Comment #36

    Once it kicks off theres no amount of words on any blog going to change a thing for MA

    Weve a history of being a bit mental

    Happy Christmas

  • Jib

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:48 PM

    Comment #37

    say something new
    you boring fcukwit

  • Nicky the ball tosser

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:49 PM

    Comment #38

    Actually ” to keep us up” is bordering on overly dramatic. Rafa will probably keep us up without any reinforcements, which seems to be what Ashley is banking on. It surely isn’t the best way to use his great skill set though, and certainly not from a fan’s perspective.

  • jane

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:49 PM

    Comment #39

    lol couldn’t say it better myself!

  • toon22

    Dec 25, 2018 at 9:50 PM

    Comment #40

    Whoever you post under atm

    Stop posting stuff thats pro MA

    Its not juts me being repetitive

    Were sick of him


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