A Look Back – 4-0 Harsh – But A Great Experience For The Lads

The Newcastle U21 side went down 4-0 at Sunderland last night after the lads had done well to hold Sunderland to 0-0 at half time.

But it was lack of concentration and sloppiness that lost the game for us last night – but the scoreline of 4-0 wasn’t an accurate representation of the game.

But that’s how it ended up.

Coach Ben Dawson says that some of the finer details had cost Newcastle in the Checkatrade Trophy game last night, but that his players will learn from that.

Our lads were effective in the first half, but lack of concentration and some defensive frailty cost Newcastle the game.

Coach Ben Dawson – in the dugout last night

This is what Dawson said after the game when asked if 4-0 was harsh:

“I think it was.” “We are disappointed with the first two goals, they were a little bit scrappy and we paid the price for not paying attention to the details.”

“I thought we did well defending set plays in the first half.” “The two early goals (in the second half) kills the game a little bit.”

“The third goal is a great strike and you are always fighting at that point to get back in it.”

“I thought we more than matched them in the first half. We had the best chance of the game at that point.”

“If that goes in and you go in at 1-0 it changes things a bit. Key moments have made the difference tonight.”

“It was a great experience for the lads. The lads learned the finer details tonight. The higher you go up in football the better opposition you play.”

“The fine details make a difference. But we didn’t really do what we normally do enough.”

“We normally get down and play but we didn’t do it in the areas where we want to play.”

“It’s back to the drawing board. We will review the game and look at why we didn’t impose ourselves on the game as much as we wanted to.”

“Our fans never seemed to stop for 90 minutes and the lads really appreciated that and applauded them and said thank you at the end.”

The Newcastle fans at the game last night were fantastic, and they backed the boys big time.

Thinking of our first team – wonder if we can get anything at Stamford Bridge on Saturday?

Comments welcome.

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    Wow I’ve had my numbers called so many times today I’m waiting for the bonus ball ha ha

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    Hibbit 82

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    When we were first linked with Almiron , I said Ashley wouldn’t pay silly money for him but if he did turn up it would mean we had new owners.


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