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Sir Les Speaks Glowingly of Viduka and Sam’s Setup

The great Sir Les Ferdinand – a real gentleman – has been talking to the Evening Chronicle and he gave a long interview to Lee Ryder yesterday.
We’ll take a look at what Les says – but it’s obvious he thinks Viduka is a great signing and that Big Sam will do really well at Newcastle.

The Great Les Ferdinand at Newcastle

Here’s what Les Ferdinand told Lee Ryder yesterday:

“I think that Mark Viduka would be a fantastic signing for Big Sam.
“He is a player who can get goals and he could link up well with Michael Owen, not to mention last season’s top goalscorer Oba Martins.
“In those three, plus Shola Ameobi and young Andy Carroll, you will have a tremendous amount of competition for places which you do need at a club like Newcastle United.”

“Even when Alan Shearer was still at the club Newcastle needed somebody to help take off the weight from his shoulders, despite the amazing amount of goals he scored. “Clubs will fear Newcastle again if they can start getting the best out of the strikers they’ve got now allied to the threat of Viduka.”
“Last year he got 19 goals for Middlesbrough and that is a great tally. “I know that Sam made changes, year in, year out at Bolton.”He had foreign players coming in, too, and they took no time to settle. That’s because they all fitted in to the system he had there.”If you follow that system you can’t go wrong.

“I did not play a lot of football under Sam, as I mainly came in to provide competition for Kevin Davies. “But I have to say that in all the years I was in football, it was the best set-up I ever worked under. “If he can replicate that at Newcastle they can have a good few years. “He has a straight run at the domestic competitions but he will require time to assess the players he has and the players he needs. “I think he might need two seasons to establish that, but he is certainly the man to do it. “And with the potential investment also set to come in, it can help him deliver the team he thinks the fans deserve.”

Well that’s a glowing tribute to Mark Viduka and Sam’s set-up. Les worked with Allardyce during the later stages of his career – and thinks that Big Sam (BSA) will have the perfect set-up to assist Viduka to extend his career at the very top – like he’s done with so many older players.

Got to admit Les Ferdiand is one of our most favorite players – and he’s always made very welcome at Newcastle. Les was a great role model for the young lads at Newcastle – and continues to be a gentleman now he’s finished playing.

Les played for Newcastle from 1995 – 1997 and scored 41 goals in 69 appearances – before he was stupidly let go for ₤6M to Tottenham. That was just before Shearer had his bad injury in 1997 – during a pre-season tournament – when Alan caught his studs in the turf and had a terrible tearing of the ankle ligament. Shearer was out for the rest of that year and we finished 14th in the league that season (we were 2nd the season before) – mainly because we had no strikers. Dalglish, our manager at the time – was sacked before the end of August, 1998.

Les played 17 times for England scoring 5 goals.

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  • Cathal

    Jun 2, 2007 at 5:37 PM

    Comment #1

    good to hear sams set up is well respected!! and even les reckons we dont need another striker cos wev 2 class small ones-martins and owen, and 3 big ones-viduka, ameobi and carroll!! bring on the defenders!

  • Ryan A

    Jun 2, 2007 at 6:00 PM

    Comment #2

    Sometimes I look at the past and see a bunch of mistakes Newcastle made. Les is one of them but ANDY COLE!!! What the hell was in Keegans mind!! Sold him for just 6.25m pounds + some stupid player to MANU and thats why they won the league and not us. We could have had shearer, cole and les for attack and won the title. Well anyway , what happen, happened. Let’s hope that won’t happen again. But parker to west ham, am i making that vision again??

  • Ross

    Jun 2, 2007 at 6:19 PM

    Comment #3

    Parker is a good player but a little overated.There are other players who could easily do a better job (Butt). Let him go and spend the money wisely. I aggree though. You have to shake your head in disbelief at some of the players we have let go.

  • Ross G

    Jun 2, 2007 at 11:28 PM

    Comment #4

    I disagree, Parker is a very good player not over-rated, he had a bad season last year, but his first year I didn’t hear anyone complaining his performance especially against Arsenal when Solano scored to win 1-0 was unbelieveable he swallowed his tongue but took injected pain killers to carry on. The only reason people are giving him stick now is cause he is leaving. In his first year he played as a holding midfielder which i think is his best position and i would have liked him to play there with Barton as the more advanced. Roeder came in and said lets see you attack more, but he has never been that type of player. I must say I think its wrong that he is leaving and considering we are still to bid for Barton and Reo-Coker seemingly looking towards Villa, i fear once again Newcastle will be to slow to get the players in and end up going for someone like Paul Scharner. I understand the club is currently under vast changes and therefore leavin finances questionable, but if we can sell Parker then with that money we can get Barton. I can see us missing oput on him to West Ham too, and rumours grow that Stevie Bruce is trying to hi-jack Viduka from us too makes me very anxious to tie up deals as quickly as possible. Or at least the likes of Barton, Viduka, Ben Haim, and Baines. I believe sam is trying to change us towards a 433 team like Bolton. With the middle being Butt holding, with Emre and Barton ahead. Then have Viduka as the main man with Owen and Martins off him on either side. If we and should spend big on the backline then we could be good next year. Im sure the takeover will also fund us heavily in January too which will help us sort out any zones in need of strength. lets just hope sam is quick enough to bring these names in.


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