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Major Newcastle News Stories – 22nd September – 2007

Some good interviews today with Sam Allardyce where he talks about Alan Smith playing a utility role for the club, and also why he took the hot seat at Newcastle.

Sam freely admits he sometimes thinks he must have been mad to take the job on Tyneside, given he could have been very comfortable staying at Bolton Wanderers.

We also have an excellent interview with Habib Beye – and certainly Newcastle was recommended to him by everyone he spoke to, when deciding whether to come to the club.


  • Sam today clarifies the situation with Michael Owen’s groin for the England (and Newcastle) fans out there. Sam explains that the injury can be managed right now and it could be fine for the whole season. On the other hand it could also deteriorate so that a hernia operation could be necessary at some point during the season. Sam rightly says if that happens they’ll handle it then. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a good 35-40 games out of Michael this season – which will be great for us.

    Michael Owen – may still need a hernia operation at some point during the season

  • Sam talks today about the role he sees Alan Smith carrying out for Newcastle. Sam certainly wants to use Alan’s versatility. That’s both good and bad for Smith – because once the team settles down there may not be a starting position for Alan. But certainly right now it’s good that Alan is available given his ability to play in any midfield or striker role. It’s also obvious that Sam is a big admirer of both Smith’s ability and his rugged character and willingness to give 100% all the time. We think Alan can do a good job at Newcastle and his versatility should be a boon for us – especially when we have lots of injuries.

    Alan Smith – Sam vows to use his versatility to Newcastle’s benefit

  • Excellent interview with Habib Beye in the Newcastle Journal today. Habib gave up the chance to play in the Champions League with Marseilles to take the opportunity offered to him at Newcastle. He talked to a number of his friends about Newcastle and it turns out they all thought Newcastle would be an excellent club for him. We’ve heard lots of good things about Habib so we’re just looking forward to him playing at right back for us for quite a few seasons to come. He also comes across as a really great guy – which is also good.

    Habib Beye – Newcastle recommended to him by Didier Drogba and others

  • Great interview with Sam Allardyce from the Newcastle Journal this morning. Sam rightly points out that he could have extended his contract at Bolton and been very comfortable there for the rest of his management career. Instead he chose to take the massively unsafe job as Newcastle United manager and sometimes thinks he must have been mad. He points out in the interview that this week has been all gloom and doom on Tyneside after our pathetic performance at Derby. But we’ve noticed that about Newcastle fans and ourselves. Excuse the pun – but it’s either black or white as far as Newcastle is concerned. Everything is either just great or it’s terrible. No doubt about it – if we had won on Monday night and heaven forbid – if we had also played well – you would have seen the fans and ourselves proclaiming top 4 – Champions league and all the rest of it. But it didn’t happen – but hey – maybe after Sunday? 😀
    But that’s the way it is at Newcastle – we should be up there with the Liverpools and Manchester Uniteds – and the fact that we are not is just so painful.


    Sam Allardyce – was he mad to move to Newcastle? No – just wait till he wins that trophy

  • We have our preview for our game against West Ham on Sunday. We think we can win the game 2-1 but it will not be easy and we’ll need a much better performance from Newcastle to triumph. But with increased energy and determination than we showed on Monday evening we can certainly win this game. We expect the game to be a good one since West Ham have been playing well this season and are above us in the table.
    You can leave you comments on our Newcastle United Forum about the game.


    Newcastle United vs West Ham – St James’ Park, Sunday 23rd Sep, 2007 KO 1:30 pm

  • A very sad story today as Newcastle Academy youngster Jordon Thompson has lost his fight with cancer. The Newcastle players will wear black armbands as a sign of respect to Jordan, during Sunday’s game. His family will be at the game on Sunday and his team-mates will join the team before the game for a minute’s silence in honor of Jordan’s life.
    We are extremely sorry to hear about this and pass on our sincere sympathies to Jordan’s family and those who knew him.


    Jordon Thompson– sadly lost his fight with cancer

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  • Here’s some choice football quotes. These hopefully will lighten up the day 😀

    “Where do you get an experienced player like him with a left foot and a head?” – Bobby Robson

    “”Now we’ve got Southgate” – Bobby Robson, after signing Jonathan Woodgate

    “Players only understand substitutions when they become managers.” – Bobby Robson

    “I’m not going to make it a target but it’s something to aim for.” – Steve Coppell

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7 comments so far

  • Tom from Aus

    Sep 22, 2007 at 11:50 AM

    Comment #1

    Good to hear that owen and viduka are back and looking to play on the weekend. I also would like to see oba start. I would also love to see given start but chances are low. Maybe the team might look something like this.





    Hope we win. Newcastle have to take everygame like it is a cup final and we can’t let teams like derby beat us because the moral in the team will drop, our hopes of getting back into europe will drop, the fans will be disapointed and big players like deco (who we would love to have) will not come. The pressure will also rise on the players to get a win.

  • SteveD

    Sep 22, 2007 at 4:41 PM

    Comment #2

    Slightly off topic here so apologies but have just seen Arsenal slot number 5 past Derby with no response.

    Did I just imagine last Monday or was it really a living nightmare?

  • Ed Harrison

    Sep 22, 2007 at 5:08 PM

    Comment #3

    SteveD – I watched it too – Arsenal make Newcastle look very very average – the good thing is they make a lot of other teams look average too 😀
    Wenger has a fabulous side again.
    If we can win tomorrow things will look a lot lot brighter.

  • SteveD

    Sep 22, 2007 at 5:25 PM

    Comment #4

    Ed – Still, there’s always the Carling Cup match on Wednesday night eh … that’ll sort the men from the boys, will be a really interesting test under BSA’s new regime

  • Obafan

    Sep 22, 2007 at 5:48 PM

    Comment #5

    Wenger is the best in his job. Newcastle should be very aware next Wednesday, but I think Arsenal may use their subs to get a bit of match rhythm, but thenb it won’t be easy anyway. First win against West ham which is necessary after the Derby game.

  • Craig Allen

    Sep 22, 2007 at 8:48 PM

    Comment #6

    from Chronicle:

    When I spoke to Big Sam today he was still clearly annoyed about what happened on Monday night.

    However, he told me: “We have just heard that Joey Barton has got the all-clear to complete the long process of recovering from his metatarsal injury from the specialist, and this will speed up his return.”

    Added Sam: “Emre is training but he is not match fit.

    “The same applies to Jose Enrique who will not be involved on Sunday, but who will go with us next week to Arsenal and Manchester City.”

    Can’t wait for Enrique to play! Free up Zog and see the Bull in action.
    Can’t wait to see Barton take the pitch!
    Come on TOON!

  • Ashton

    Sep 22, 2007 at 10:40 PM

    Comment #7

    Emre is fit so i think our line up against whu will be like that

    —–beye– taylor — rozehnal — n’zogbia
    ——-smith — gerimi — emre
    ——martins — viduka — milner

    Howay the toon !!


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