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Keegan Wants Two Defenders In Within A Week

Newcastle United need reinforcements in central midfield and defense.


Vasilis Torosidis – says Newcastle United are interested

But of these two the defense needs strengthening most so it’s not surprising that Kevin Keegan wants to bring in two defenders, a center-back and a left back within the next week.

News today that one of our targets last year, Chelsea defender Tal Ben Haim, has moved to Manchester City for £4M.

It’s reported in the Daily Mail that Ben Haim chose Eastlands over Newcastle United, but we really have no idea if Kevin Keagan even rates the Israeli, although we would have welcomed him into the squad, since he’s experienced and can play anywhere along the back four, and has proven Premier League experience.

But since Kevin came back last January we’ve never been linked with the former Bolton Wanderers player, who only moved to Chelsea last summer on a free transfer.

He joins Steve Sidwell in moving on from the London club, to try to get a game elsewhere. Both were poor moves for the players last summer, and both had the chance to move to Newcastle as an alternative destination – oh well.

But Keegan knows where his priorities lie, and he is hoping to have a left-back and a central defender before next week’s tournament in Mallorca.

Newcastle have been linked with many many defenders this summer, and we wonder what has happened to Sebastien Basson, who had a week’s trial at the club last week? There’s been no word from the club on the 22 year-old Metz defender.

We’ve had a £3M bid for Blackburn left back Stephen Warnock turned down, and have also been linked with Vasilis Torosidis of Olympiakos, who has said Newcastle are interested in him.

Newcastle were reported last March to be interested in the 23 year-old, who stand 6’1″, and has played over 30 times for Olympiacos since 2006, and over 15 times for Greece since last year.

The Greek is trying to stir up interest in himself by also saying that he may also move to Blackburn Rovers or Atletico Madrid.

But we’ve been linked with lots and lots of defenders, and we cannot wait too much longer to bring in a couple of good young players, but who they may be is anybody’s guess at this point.

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  • Toon raghav

    Jul 24, 2008 at 5:23 PM

    Comment #121

    I have even come to know frm my close sources dat MA goes to watch games just to select his targets who are as healthy as he is.I have come to know dat he is a vampire who suckles upon newcastle fans blood n money.

  • AndyT

    Jul 24, 2008 at 8:15 PM

    Comment #122

    G – in that csae please name 10 premiership teams that have a net spend higher than Newcastle this summer, should be easy – thats only just over half of the teams you claim are outspending us.

    As for us netting 6 Million at the start of last season where do you get that from?
    Barton £6M
    Rozenhal £3M
    Smith undisclosed (rumoured at £5M)
    Enrique £6m
    Faye £2m
    Beye £2m

    Total = £24M
    (rest were frees)

    Parker £7M
    Dyer undisclosed (rumoured at 7M)
    Solano undisclosed (rumoured at 1M)

    With Huntingdon and O’Brian going for less than a million between them
    That would mean we got a combined £14 Million for Pattison and Luque
    If Ashley got that much for them – then fair play, he earned his 6 Million quid.
    I think if you look again you might see that he spent a net of 6 Million on players! but hey him forking out 6 Million for the club, fleecing the club for 6 Million, dont let something as trivial as justifying your claims get in the way of a good bit of criticism.

  • Evan

    Jul 24, 2008 at 8:46 PM

    Comment #123

    Mike Ashley deserves our trust, considering he has bought a club that was essentially in shambles, and has revamped the business, development, and managerial aspects tenfold. If that doesn’t receive respect, the I don’t know what does.

    I am quite satisfied with Ashley’s administration’s temperament and lack of shortsightedness. Buying another Luque, Emre, Smith, or Boumsong (all without or past their prime) was horrific business, and Shepherd, Souness, Roeder, and Big Sam were equally as dismal. I think the last intelligent and significantly expensive purchase we’ve made was Shearer. Look back and think about the types of players Robson took 4th with…

    Ashley and his minions are clearly trying to expel these irresponsible financial tactics, but it willing to back Keegan. Did it ever occur to you that Keegan is the picky one? I almost guarantee Aimar would have signed for Newcastle before Benfica, but Keegan saw him as another poor piece of business, digression, or waste of money. The same goes for Bassong, and whomever else he has considered this summer.

    It’s time for everyone to stop considering these millions of pounds directly from Ashley’s pocket as useless and for everyone’s sake, stop referring to him as a “vampire” and the like. This is probably the first time in a long while that Newcastle are progressing in all tiers of the club, and that hopefully includes the premiership table.

    Think what you may, but I am excited about this youthful, stable, and committed squad and the future that will accompany it. Being negative only perpetuates our lack of content.

    Expecting top 6 this term is a lofty goal, and not satisfying it will only disappoint. I prefer to expect less, and when we do finally succeed, times will be ever so sweet. Patience is a virtue, but foresight and respect are principles of any business.

  • Evan

    Jul 24, 2008 at 8:48 PM

    Comment #124

    well put AndyT… glad to see rationality


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