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With Shearer In Charge Newcastle Have Huge Potential

It seems certain that Alan Shearer will be named permanent manager at the end of the season, whatever he says when asked if he’ll be at the club next season.


Dowie and Shearer on Monday night – YES!

Mike Ashley hardly has any option, but Shearer is rightly playing coy right now, for the good of the club, so he can get some transfer funds out of Mike if  he accepts the job.

On the other side of things Mike, who has about the worst season of anybody at Newcastle, cannot make any more mistakes, although we expect him to stay at the club. Mike must trim the wage bill in the summer, so we’ll see a number of players leaving Tyneside.

Ashley should give Alan the job, and back him fully in what he wants to do in the future.  If we survive we think Ashley will be a happy man indeed, and will give Shearer and Dowie lucrative deals, to say the least.

And Mark Viduka has today come out and said that regardless of whether he is still a Newcastle player next season, after another injury ravaged season, in which he has appeared just 10 times, it is vital the club tie up Alan on a long term deal and then back him to the hilt.

Mark, who has gained great prestige and significant praise for his play over the last few games, talked to the Newcastle Journal today:

“What I would say is that I would love to spend some more time at this club,” “That’s my personal thing. I would love to play here and have good times, and with Alan Shearer as a boss, this club has a lot of potential. I have been here for two years and we’ve had five managers.”

“I would say to whoever is in charge, keep him for as long as he needs. That is my thinking. I think first of all the fans love him, he is Newcastle through and through, he is a big personality, people respect him, players respect him.”

“Regardless of whether I stay or don’t stay, I would love to see this club having good times because you know, I have spent two years here and I can see how much the club means to people.” “I have a normal life as well, I live in the city and I can see how much they love this club.”

It may be that Shearer can now save Newcastle, and if he does, they should make a documentary about how he did it. He asked Barton and Viduka to get fir anhd play, he upped the intensoty of training and initially we had just 2 points and one goal from his first 5 games in charge.

The the Barton fiasco – it would be great watching – but only if Newcastle do well in their last 2 games – but what a baptism of fire for the Geordie legend it has been since April Fool’s day.

Viduka thinks that while Newcastle have a good squad it needs a strong personality to get them out of the terrible slump in form and confidence which threatened to condemn the club to relegation, and we’re still not safe yet.

Mark continued:

“First of all, when you have that many big personalities in the dressing room, you need somebody who everybody respects. That is very important and I think he (Shearer) is respected all around the world.”

“He is respected by the players as well because he has been there, done that. He has just got that automatically. Obviously he is new at the job, but I think if he has a chance, given time, he will do a good job.”

Mark’s right that Alan is known and respected throughout the football world, and it will have not gone unnoticed by good players if Alan saves Newcastle, and is ready to start rebuilding Newcastle into a great club, and a great team in the summer.

If we survive the summer should be an exciting time for Newcastle fans, but we deserve it after what we’ve all had to endure this season.

Howay The Lads!!

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  • Toonkistan

    May 13, 2009 at 12:12 PM

    Comment #1

    Alan u hearing …i need a contract ….. hehe but on a serious note he was nearly untochable this monday ….

  • Bosck

    May 13, 2009 at 12:21 PM

    Comment #2

    posted this on the previous thread but in terms of the current squad this is what I would do:

    offer Viduka a pay as you play contract next year which should hopefully solve the issues of never being fit and also rumours of only playing to win new contract

    he is unlikely to get a big contract elsewhere given his injury record, so this is a chance for him to still earn a good wage. it is also a good incentive for him to a) stay fit, and b) keep producing his best to keep his place in the team.

    as for the rest of the squad i would do the following:


    Beye (c)

    Probably keep:
    Smith – Controversial for many but i think he can offer more than Butt in the DM role as starter or backup
    Lovenkrands – a willing squad player who covers a number of positions and offers goals off the bench
    R Taylor – don’t think he has shown his best yet, potentially a good squad player.
    Duff – starting to show some real form if he keeps that up keep him on.
    Collocini – I reckon there’s more to come from him next season but I woul also sell him to generate funds if necessary.

    Get shot of:
    Owen – Have been a staunch supporter for most of his time at the club but he just doesnt seem bothered. martins has shown the hunger against tottenham and boro when replacing owen despite being injured.

    Barton – Again I have been a big supporter, but enough is enough and maybe this will be a bit of a symbolic clear out move along with owen, showing an end to former regimes.

    Ameobi – Enough said, potential no longer, ranger and carroll deserve his spot.



    Xisco – May have potential but we have 2 younger English forwards with seemingly more potential.

    Butt – he’ll probably stay on, but would be back up at most for me. can do a job but gives the ball away to much having worked hard to win it

    Edgar – yeah the lad is good back up but he’s never gonna be a starter. let him have a career elsewhere rather than playing 5 games a season.

    That would leave my starting line up as:


    Beye——– S Taylor——–Bassong—–Enrique
    R Taylor—???????———???????——???????




  • luke-b

    May 13, 2009 at 12:52 PM

    Comment #3

    I would agree wth most of what you have sad exept that Butt has only just been given a 1 year extension and at his age i cant see hm in leaving

    I also think w e would need a few more top strkers as its too early to rely on the likes of Ranger and Caroll if Viduka and Martins have another injury ravished season.

    These are some of the players we’ve been linked with over teh past couple of months


    Beye——– S Taylor——–Bassong—–Enrique
    R Taylor—Colocinni——WHEATER——FOX




  • Craigg

    May 13, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Comment #4

    Why Shearer must stay:

    The fans are united behind the manager for the first time in years, You could point out it goes as far back as Bobbys last few months, Also many were sceptical about KKs return, Yet the man in charge has got the club together, For the first time in a while we some direction.

    Shearer already has started to sort out the injury problems that have destroyed our last few seasons and instead of hiding behind injuries like Souness and Roeder to cling onto their jobs he has tried to do something about it,
    He has already brought Paul Winsper in to overlook sports science and is trying to get another club doctor in after sacking the other guy who must have been ineffectual looking at the injuries during his time here.

    His name and sheer presence will attract players like Keegan did in the 90’s, Keegan got players here because of his enthusiasm and his name Lee, Ferdinand, Beardsley, Ginola and of course Shearer joined because of the manager being their hero, He inspired the young local lads because of his status Elliott, Clark, Thompson, Watson and Howey to name a few.

    Shearer can have that over the youngsters of today, Rooney idolized Shearer as a kid, Gerrard said he was overwhelmed when he first met Shearer, Owen similar, Beckham says he was to shy to initially talk to Al, We could pick up lots of talented young lads at home and abroad because of him as he is a worldwide superstar.

    I think his appointment of Dowie was a good move, I dont really understand the stick Dowie has taken he is well respected coach who uses modern techniques ALA Wenger, Fitness coaches and Dietitions to get a performance out of the players more often than not, Something we all want, He has been giving players one on one training, Working on their weaknesses instead of the usual 5 a sides and joke telling methods used in the past.

    The club has a well run academy with a strong reserve team and youth teams, Some fine young players who have already made an impression for the first team Bassong, Taylor, Guthrie, Enrique, Carroll, Lua Lua, Edgar, Krul ETC.

    When we survive, Which will be Saturday in my opinion, We can start planning for next season i hope Ashley will provide funds it seems wise as which would you rather lose £20m-£30m in transfer fees or £200m after relegation.

    Some new coaches through the door with any luck Rob Lee, Gary Speed, John Carver and our new club doctor and with Dowies influence Tim Flowers and his rugby fitness coach more than likely.

    Some new players Michael Johnson, Adam Johnson, Miguel Veloso, Geovani and David Bentley would sort out our lack of creativity for a start, Dependant on Owen and Viduka getting new deals or not maybe another striker -Cisse?, Maybe another centre back -Wheater? and our much needed second left back -Rat?

    I cant help but be optimistic, we are debt free and have a really good future under Shearer if we play our cards right.

    P.S Does anyone know if Mick Dennis gives an E-Mail address after his articles, As i cannot wait until we are safe to point out that his mustard loving inbred brigade are going to Milton Keynes next season!!

  • AndyT

    May 13, 2009 at 3:29 PM

    Comment #5

    Craigg, absolutely love your enthusiasm for the future of this club. I seriously cannot wait until Shearer brings in some fast and creative midfield player this summer. Ashley really has no choice but to just give Shearer whatever he wants. If Ashley allowed the club to buy players on credit just this one time, we would easily be able to start repaying those debts within the year.

  • chuck

    May 13, 2009 at 3:43 PM

    Comment #6

    Wow! hold on a minute here.
    We win one game against a crap team and it could just as easily gone the other way.
    Now everyones a star, including the manager who has won one out of six is it ?
    Give the man a four year contract at 4m a year, are you all crazy?
    This is the main reason this club is in deep s**t
    A messianic hope based on nothing but hope.
    Look for this club to be successfull the right people have to take the reins, that means a manager who has had success, with a track record
    plus a knowledgable footballing person to manage the business side of the operation.
    Untill that happens it`s going to be same old same old.
    Can Shearer be a success ?
    Possibly, depends, so far has`nt shown much in the way of being tactically astute, perhaps he is capable of getting the most out of the poor team he inherited.
    But most will depend on rebuilding, can he attract the right players, will he have funds in order to do so?
    We understand Ashley does`nt like to spend but if in fact we survive the drop it must be obvious that in order not to repeat this season, we cannot continue with this team and combined with the monies from sales a certain amount of funding is needed.
    If that message has not been received, forget it!

  • Tom_Toon

    May 14, 2009 at 3:49 AM

    Comment #7

    Michael Johnson – Crock and alcy.

    Bentley – Nob and shite.

    Geovanni – No.

  • Oleg G

    May 14, 2009 at 6:48 AM

    Comment #8

    Easy now….

    Only one win and the hopes are high already?

    against a team that is the same crap as us all season?

    Relax. nothing happend yet. one win.
    let them stay first.

    I am an optimist too, but no need to act so fast.

    Shearer is not that great of a manager. We don’t even know the potential. lets wait and see. I hope he will succeed and we stay and he stays and everything will be great, but lets take it step by step ok ?!

  • Tom_Toon

    May 14, 2009 at 10:02 PM

    Comment #9


  • Tom_Toon

    May 14, 2009 at 10:03 PM

    Comment #10



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