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Shearer Gets So Much Respect – Mark Viduka

The Journal has a new interview with Mark Viduka this morning, although half of it seems to be what he said following the great Middlesbrough win.


Mark Viduka in training – take that!

Mark is getting a lot of good press back in Australia, as the fans there have read all about his great game last Monday night, and hope Mark goes over to play for the Melbourne A league team, Melbourne Victory FC, for a couple of years, to help bring the league forward.

But if we can get Mark fit, and he plays like he did last Monday night, we think it will be very hard for Alan Shearer not to take up the one year option on Mark. And Mark is a lot more committed to Newcastle United than a lot of people realize.

In the Newcastle TV interview earlier this week, he talked glowingly of the both Newcastle United club and their fans.

Mark talks a lot of sense, and the interview he gave last Tuesday was very revealing as he comes across so very well. In fact he’s a credit to Australia, but we’ll leave it at that – so we’re not overdoing the praise bit 😀

However, be warned – if Mark scores today and we win – we’ll overdo it big time after the game.

And here’s what we think the new piece is from the interview in the Newcastle Journal today:

“First of all, when you have that many big personalities in the dressing room, you need somebody who everybody respects. That is very important and I think he (Shearer) is respected all around the world.”

“He is respected by the players as well because he has been there, done that. He has just got that automatically. Obviously he is new at the job, but I think if he has a chance, given time, he will do a good job.”

There’s no doubt at all that Mark wants nothing more than to play for Alan Shearer next year, but if he does sign a new contract we’ll have to have a fitness regime that he undergoes over the summer, so he’s fit for the start of the season.

In fact the way the lads played last Monday there may be quite a few players Alan will retain, if we can only survive in the Premier League. Even Alan Smith played out of his skin for Alan, when he’s come in and will try to play central midfield for Alan, as he did for a while at Manchester United, and we all know what a great lad Alan Smith is for the squad.

So perhaps there will be fewer players now who will leave Newcastle this summer, after Shearer has started to get the best out of them – just like the great Kevin Keegan did last year – it all seems very similar.

What do you think about all of this?

Comments very welcome.