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Newcastle Promotion Must Happen This Season

Newcastle can fairly easily exist for one season out of the Premier League but any longer will necessarily see a further decline in  the playing staff at the club.

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Alan Smith – nio promotion this season would be failure

The club is getting by this season essentially because it seems that Mike Ashley is willing to dip into his own pocket to keep the club afloat.

But another season without the vast TV global revenues the Premier League hands out to  its clubs, and the bigger gates we get in the Premier League (both home and away),  it will become much harder if don’t get promoted this season.

One thing the club would need to do in the summer is reduce the wage bill, which we still cannot afford,  so that the club has  some positive cash flow based purely on the incoming and outgoing monies at the club.

Alan Smith talked about this today:

“It’s vital we get back up at the first attempt. You look at what’s happened to my old club Leeds United to see the damage that is done if you stay down for a few seasons. Hopefully they are on their way back.”

“Sheffield United are similar, a huge club outside the Premier League. Sheffield Wednesday, Norwich, Nottingham Forest are all the same.”

“It’s massively important to get back up as soon as possible. If we don’t get promoted you always have the risk of players seeing a future elsewhere. If we don’t get promoted this season we will have failed.”

The good news is that Leeds United are currently top of the league in the 3rd division, 4 points clear at the time of writing,  and Newcastle of course are top of the Championship.

Two famous clubs who in the last decade have both represented England in the European Champions League – it would great if both clubs were promoted this season. That would be some story.

We’ll never forget in the dark days after relegation last June, when everybody was saying Newcastle would do a Leeds and drop down the leagues – even Malcolm Macdonald predicted that.

That’s when the Leeds supporters left very supportive comments on the blog for the Newcastle fans.

That’s very rare – but they detailed how their club had dropped off the radar screen of English football almost completely, after they had done so well under David O’Leary, but that they were still supporting their club.

It’s just great to see them coming back, and they need to be back in the Premier League – soon.

As we said it would be a great story if both famous clubs were promoted this season.

Comments welcome.

2 comments so far

  • ObaMartins

    Oct 31, 2009 at 12:36 PM

    Comment #1

    We will be lucky to get in the play offs never mind Promotion with this lot in Charge of Newcastle….We are a joke and te sooner people start to realise this the sooner they will boycott the matches and FORCE that fat Ashley out.

  • RetroBiscuits

    Nov 1, 2009 at 12:46 AM

    Comment #2

    Oba i share your frustrations.

    However up until taylor and collo got injured our defence proved fairly solid. I find it strange this season how well we are defending excluding the last few weeks so in keeping injuries to a minimum i think our defence can cope with this league easily and with stability at the back confidence spreads through the team to the forwards and hopefully start scoring more.
    Maybe im being too optimistic.


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