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Steven Taylor – Don’t Believe Everything You’ve Read

One of the things that Chris Hughton was able to do last March was to quickly get over an altercation between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor, and two days later had the lads win 1-0 in that vital game at Doncaster Rovers, and yes – Carroll scored a great winner after 59 minutes.

Steven Taylor– don’t believe everything you read

Such was the spirit in the side last season, and the ability of manager Chris Hughton to handle a crisis at the Newcastle club.

All kinds of rumors circulated about the altercation – and it wasn’t much really – just that Steven ended up with a broken jaw and Andy had both his hands bandaged – oh my goodness!

Steven talked about some of those rumors today:

“What I can say about it is ‘Don’t believe everything you’ve read and heard’,”“We have a fantastic team bond and everyone is happy. I’ve not got a problem with anyone at the football club.”

“People reading all of that stuff about me and Andy were probably amazed to see us standing together on the podium at the end of the season, but we’ve got a great understanding.”

“There’s a fantastic team spirit at Newcastle United and no one wants to put that under threat.”

That understanding is obviously when Andy throws the right hook, Steven ducks – something he obviously failed to do last March – hence the new understanding. 😀

Taylor came in for some criticism after that event, which was a bit of a surprise, and he did not address the rumours at the time, and of course says how easily Newcastle gained promotion after the late March incident.

Steven continued:

“There’s always rumours knocking about with this football club. I remember when I was younger it was Ronaldo and Rivaldo signing for Newcastle United,”

“The best thing is not to react to it and to just stick together. As a club we have been criticised in the past but as a football club now our attitude is to just keep quiet about it, let people write what they want to write and we’ll just get on with it.”

“It’s a successful strategy, as far as I’m concerned. Look where that got us last season.”

Taylor has been linked with a number of clubs this summer, as sports journalists made up their minds that one of the two local lads had to leave the club – but of course they will turn out to be incorrect on that score.

As we reported earlier this morning Taylor’s new contract is being negotiated on his behalf by his agent and he doesn’t seem too concerned about it, as he continued:

“There’s always things going on around contract negotiations. It’s all paper talk and you need to let things happen,”

“My agent Paul Stretford is taking care of things and my main focus is playing football for Newcastle United. That hasn’t changed.”

“I’m happy at Newcastle United – I’ve got another year left here and I just want to get back playing again.”

Steven is certainly looking forward to the new season, and after being out for 7 months with his knee injury he will look forward to a great upcoming season, which will certainly help the Newcastle side.

Steven continued:

“This is a new era for Newcastle United and I’m really, really looking forward to.” “I think we bounced back very well. We had a great season last year – unbeaten at home and made St James’ Park a fortress.”

“As players we’ve grown in confidence and I think we’ve learned from our mistakes during that season in the Championship.”

Steven’s right and all we have to do next season is show that same “never say die” spirit and we should do OK – in fact there’s a chance – a slight chance – that we’ll even do well – wouldn’t that be something!

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Written from Plymouth, England.