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Workaholic Hughton Not Missing An Assistant – Yet

Newcastle manager Chris Hughton has admitted there has been no progress in the search for an assistant manager.

Chris Hughton – not missing an assistant- yet

We had thought yesterday, that until Chris signs a new contract at Newcastle, on much better terms, it would be difficult to get an assistant in with the low wages that are probably on offer right now, given that Chris is on only around £250K, with apologies for the “only”.

It seems that Chris has gone after only one candidate with any seriousness, and that was former Newcastle coach Steve Clarke – but for whatever reason he turned Chris down, and presumably said he was after a full manager position somewhere.

We know that Chris is a workaholic, so he will not be missing an assistant too much right now, but he definitely needs one in the longer term, and it’s probably giving some good experience to Steve Stone, who is helping him until an assistant is appointed.

Hughton doesn’t think the lack of an assistant is putting any extra pressure on him, as he said today:

“At this moment, we’ve not made any progress,” “It’s just the normal workings behind the scenes making sure it’s the right person. At this moment we’ve not made the progress we would like. I want it to happen as soon as possible.”

“Sometimes by having a small staff what you’re able to do is get a better bond between the players and staff so that can be the case. Is it harming us? No, I don’t think so.” “But we do need to bring one in and as soon as we can.”

Don’t expect any appointment of a new assistant for Chris until he gets his own contract sorted out at the club, and this seems very likely, and the only question is when will Derek Llambias initiate talks with the Newcastle manager.

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