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Andy Carroll Thanks Fabio Capello For His Good Advice

The are definite signs that Andy Carroll is taking in all the good advice he has been getting over the last few weeks, about how to conduct his personal life .

Fabio Capello – had good talk with Andy Carroll

And Andy today has said how much Fabio Capello helped him during the England training sessions a couple of weeks back, and it seems that Andy has taken to heart what Fabio told him.

Carroll has today thanked the Italian manager for his good advice, and admits it has meant a lot to him coming from such a successful figure on the world football stage – yes – even though he is continually attacked in England by the gossip press.

Andy talked to The Times about the talks he had with Fabio Capello recently:

“The manager was really good, really helpful. He told me what to do and what not to do and how I need to live my life,”

“He said some things and I know I do need to listen and take them in. He did say a lot to me, which I understand.”

“And, obviously, it means a lot when it’s somebody like him telling me. He was just encouraging me to keep going.”

Carroll has scored eight goals in 14 Premier League games for Newcastle United  this season, and has often looked a terrific player, who is quickly learning his trade, and seems to be improving all the time.

And there’s no doubt at all that Andy has captured the imagination of England fans everywhere this season.

And of course Andy Carroll’s idol is the great Alan Shearer, and the Gateshead lad says it is an honor to follow in the footsteps of the great man, as Carroll continued:

“I used to watch Newcastle when Shearer was No 9 and scoring goals and I always said, ‘”That’ll be me one day.'”

“Alan retired when I was coming through. I trained with him a few times and that was great, but getting the No 9 and knowing what he’s done with it.”

“It was all I’ve wanted, everything I’ve been aiming for  – it’s unbelievable.”

Good words from Andy, and the lad really comes across as a down-to-earth Geordie lad,  who’s simply living his dream on Tyneside.

Carroll has also thanked manager Chris Hughton and the Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan, for helping him big time this season:

“I don’t think I could have done it without them. Chris has stuck by me and so has Kev,”

“Chris has pulled me in and spoken to me, but he’s kept me in the team.”

“And I’m just there to score goals and show him my appreciation for keeping faith in me.”

One way Andy can show his appreciation to Chris Hughton, Kevin Nolan and Fabio Capello is to keep his private life on the straight and narrow.

And if that means he cannot go out on Saturday nights to the Bigg Market in Newcastle – then that’s one sacrifice he may have to make to be at the very top of  the footballing profession. Success is never achieved in this life without considerable sacrifice – boy is that true!

It’s your choice Andy, and the way ahead is certainly not an easy one, when you will be continually under the glare of the gossip press, but you can bet the Newcastle fans are right behind you.

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