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Neil Taylor May Sue Swansea For Breach Of Contract

News today of the Neil Taylor saga – that Newcatsle are still confident of signing the Welsh International left-back – for £1M.

Neil Taylor – may sue Swansea for breach of contract

As we reported over the weekend Swansea are saying that the release clause in his contract only says he can talk to other clubs if they bid £1M, but that’s not the bid they will accept for the player.

What planet are they living on?

Taylor’s negotiations have dragged on,  and he was expected to sign well over a week ago, but that release clause is the sticking point.

And the news yesterday was that Swansea now wanted £10M for him, but whether that ridiculously inflated fee has any truth to it, we don’t know, but that was being reported – and yes it was a Sunday, after all.


The Newcastle Journal have tried to clarify the situation with the club, but they have so far been unsuccessful, but that would certainly help clear things up if they can do that.

Blackburn tried to take the same position when they were trying to get more than £16.5M from Manchester United for their young center-back, Phil Jones, and they slapped a £23M price on him,

But they backed away from that position, when they came to their senses, and the lad went for what his release clause stated – £16.5M.

Taylor is even considering whether to sue Swansea over breach of contract, and has already contacted the PFA to discuss the matter, and that should be the next news to break.

That’s unless Swansea back down from their rather shaky legal position.

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  • solano

    Jun 27, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    Comment #41

    GBS (34)…you’ve clamped the happy clappers again! Wynsleap is spot on…where is the ambition to compete? It doesn’t have to be done the Man City way…but it does mean having a board and managerial set-up that is geared to competing at the top of the league and that involves keeping your good players and spending in real terms.
    Hope the Qatari’s aren’t reading these threads, as it’s filled with unambitious, apathetic, so-called fans!
    A famous manager once said ” I would give my right arm to be a pianist” I would likewise sacrifice something major to see a trophy won in my lifetime – better than donating your brain in the pursuit of someone else’s dream of football profits.


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