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No Animosity With Newcastle – They Were All Great To Me

Kevin Nolan thinks it’s great what Newcastle are doing with their top youngsters like Sammy Ameobi and Shane Ferguson, and he admits that when he first walked out on the St. James’ Park pitch in almost 18 months – he was on jelly legs, and he has also revealed there is no animosity with the Newcastle hierarchy, as he says they were great to him while he was at Newcastle.

Shane Ferguson – in action on Sunday

Kevin is impressed with the way Newcastle are handling their youngsters these days:

“I see what they’re doing with the younger players and that’s great. I said to young Ferguson that it was great to see him on the pitch.” ” I’ve seen the likes of him and Sammy Ameobi at close quarters and it’s great to see them getting on the pitch. “

“They deserve it.” “Sammy was brilliant in midweek, I was very surprised not to see him against us.”

And Kevin talked about the shock decision to leave Newcastle for then second division West Ham United last year, when he couldn’t get the long term deal he wanted to finish his career on Tyneside. Kevin handled himself well during that time when he shockingly moved to the Hammers to link up again with big Sam Allardyce, and he talked about the move today:

“People have opinions. I’m a big man and I can take them.” “I needed to get the best for me and they needed to get what they felt was the best for them. I’d shake the owner’s hand as willingly as I’d shake Alan’s because I got on well with them, they were good to me. I hope there is no animosity between us.”

And finally he admitted that he was a bit wary before he led West Ham United out, but it was obvious after his good reception he was upbeat as he was joking with a number of Newcastle players he had played with, when he led Newcastle back up from the second division, after we had been relegated the season before:

“When I first walked in I was on jelly legs. I thought it was fantastic, I can’t thank them enough.” “They’ve took to me, they know what I’m about.”

It’s been a good story about Kevin’s return to Newcastle, but why did he have to spoil it and score that goal on Sunday, that in the end gave West Ham all 3 points? 🙁

Now we’ll have to hammer Swansea on Saturday afternoon.

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  • dead man walkin

    Nov 13, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    Comment #1

    i watched the under21s last night,

    wow, what a difference in styles, they got beat but had a real go, got the ball down and played some great stuff

    best player last night, abied, i like the rest of you can only go on info from the club about him, but sorry i dont buy into the trype they are saying about him, he looked quailty

    it was good to see them get the ball out wide and swing good crosses into the box,,

    and it got me thinking,, these are just kids, but the balls they put in where good ones,

    obertan i have not seen him put in a good ball since stoke last year, yet he is on the bench every game,, and from what i watched last night, he is way behind some of the kids we have, so why is he on the bench??

    its not like we bought him from man u’s first team, he didnt play so often for there reserve team to,, so why is he ???

    tav ,romain, inmanan had good games to

    peter is doing a great job with them, wish i could say the same about ALAN,,


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