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Carver Praises Player Who Could Be In Final Season On Tyneside

When John Carver has said there are players in the first team squad who are not good enough to play for Newcastle United, one player who springs to mind is Dutchman Vurnon Anita.


Vurnon Anita in action at Chelsea this year

Vurnon was the only senior player brought in during the summer of 2012, when we had finished 5th top, and Mike Ashley didn’t bother strengthening or expanding the first team squad,even through we eventually played 14 more games because of the Europa League.

Mike seemed to use his usual trick of trying to get by with what we have (meaning he doesn’t have to spend money), but it has never worked yet.

The result was that Newcastle were fighting relegation the following January, and we had to bring in five Frenchman.

Lee Charley has since said they had to pay a lot of money to get those five  players in during that January, but that;s about the only time we;ve seen the owner personally involved with transfers – because we could have dropped out of the Premier League – as in – dropped out of the big money.

But that’s the club’s own fault because we should have brought the players in during the summer months.

Vurnon has found it difficult since he joined the club to nail down a regular starting place, although he has played well on occasion, but he’s not having a good season.

John Carver has talked about the  25 year-old Dutchman today:

“I’ve said to Vurnon Anita that he didn’t have a great day – but he never went missing.”  “He didn’t go hiding, and that’s important for me.”

“It’s easy when there are 52,000 people out there to go missing, but he showed great courage to continue to try and get on the ball.” “And what he did do defensively, he did some good jobs for us.”

“Against Arsenal every man jack of them stuck by their guns,” “Sometimes when you’re down to the bare bones, people come together and stick together, and I’ve certainly seen that in the performance.”

“We talked how it’s our responsibility to get the fans going, and we certainly did that in the second half and even though we lost the game, they appreciate people having go for the team.”

John’s absolutely right there and hey – that second half against Arsenal was both a shock but it was also uplifting to see the bare bones team giving Arsenal everything they could handle – it’s just a shame we couldn’t get at least a point out of the game.

Vurnon had a shocker against Manchester City and gave away the penalty after 29 seconds and was hauled off at half time.

But he does have a good character and always does his best for the side, but it’s the skill that may be lacking, and Vurnon is  a signing that just hasn’t worked out.

Mehdi Abeid should be fit for the Sunderland game and we think the Algerian will come into the side, and the 22 year-old has played well when he’s been given his opportunity this season.

We need a win at Sunderland – and we have to stop this winning streak of Sunderland’s.

How Will Newcastle Fare At Sunderland?

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  • Win (37%, 1,290 )
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    I always like it when a joke comes off.

    Blog killer!

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    Had only stopped posting but do check from time to time. Offkey calls it right I think which will be why I didn’t have any recollection of his particular posts i.e. he wouldn’t have stood out to me with my particular stance.

    Not sure what your reference is intended as but find it completely unnecessary.

    Now was that also an outburst? You aint seen nothing yet if I can be so inclined 🙂

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    In tribute to Indian Magpie!

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    My ears are burning!

    Jimmy Mag is not Magscar or vice-versa.

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    Mar 31, 2015 at 6:28 PM

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    Belfast…To keep in theme…How useless was Shola?

    BandB…It’s the small victories that count.

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    I had thought you where Jimmy Magpie too. I don’t know why you just remind me of him.

    Last poster to accuse another of being Jimmy got shouted at for being disrespectful, so I decided not to mention it.

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    Whilst I am back just a quicky.

    If you had repeatedly been addressed as a multiple/WUM when you aren’t you may also struggle to see that what you are dealing with is actually championing something. He is a wannabe without Band B’s forensic skills and a champion only in his own mind. Opinion? may be but rooted in fact.

    I find it almost impossible not to address his self proclaimed status and the puerile analogies that he chuckles over just as many seemed riled by Welshie. McCarthyism is dead long live Tuffism.


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