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Why Players Fully Accept Rafa’s Way Of Doing This

Ciaran Clark had his best game for Newcastle at his old club Aston Villa on Saturday and the Villa fans will have seen how improved Ciaran has already become under Rafa Benitez.

But that’s why players want to join Rafa Benitez – they want to improve their game and work for a successful side that can win things.

Hopefully that will be the case with Rafa Benitez at Newcastle – if it isn’t  it will certainly not be for the want of trying.


Ciaran Clark in action on Saturday

Ciaran Clark was second in our Man of the Match polling to DeAndre Yedlin and he had an excellent game at the back next to Jamaal Lascelles.

But he knows he may not be starting on Wednesday night against Norwich City and that’s because of the manager’s well-worked rotation policy as Rafa tries to keep the players fresh and fit for what is a long and very tough season.

This is what Clark said after the game on Saturday:

“I’m happy with the last few games I’ve played.” “We all know the way it goes here. We’ve got a big squad and top-quality players.”

“We’ve all bought into the way we’ve been rotated and kept fresh for certain games.” “We’re all happy with that and know how it goes.”

“We know the drill.”  “If I wasn’t selected, that’s the way it would have been.”

“I would have wished the lads all the best and given them 100% support.”

Maybe Grant Hanley or Chancel Mbemba will get an opportunity at the back on Wednesday night in what is yet another important game for Newcastle.

A win would keep us in contention at the top and that’s what we want to see.

Wins against Norwich at home and at Rotherham would be good before the long two week International break and it would keep the Newcastle fans upbeat.

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  • one fine day

    Sep 26, 2016 at 7:17 AM

    Comment #1

    Just a thought to all those dragging knuckles with twitter accounts.
    Maybe rather than abusing our own players on a platform( and playing right into the hands of those who say we are fickle)put it to better use.
    Maybe send a few chosen tweets to a #mr shearer .
    ask him if he truly wants to see his old side back where it belongs next season then put his differences with ashley aside and give Rafa a call and offer his services to come in and hopefully put a firecracker up a certain serbian’s arse , literally if need be.
    I took him as top scorer this season and gutted what i have seen so far.
    Match fit or not ?.. its not like he is coming back from a cruciate op the only reason he is chasing match fitness is because he was sent off for being a bell end against Spurs in a game that meant nothing.
    Watching him lumbering round against villa looking disinterested was boiling my pi@@
    Instead of holding the ball on 86 mins (and giving us an outlet)he tried a playground flick to nobody in particular which gave villa the ball straight back and this led to the corner and goal.
    Sels has stood up and copped his mistake (fair play to the lad) yet not a word from our twatterati about Mitro’s contribution ? why because he loves to get the crowd up (yeah like janmaat who couldn’t get away quick enough)and kiss the badge .
    If he respond to some one on one with his hero then get rid in jan and get someone who delivers not just promises .

  • one fine day

    Sep 26, 2016 at 7:19 AM

    Comment #2

    can’t respond


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