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Rafa Benitez Stands By His Star Player

There’s a report in the Mail following the 3-1 win against Birmingham City on Wednesday night where Rafa Benitez stands up for Jonjo Shelvey, whom he made captain for the night in the absence of Jamaal Lascelles.

Jonjo had an excellent game in his comeback from a five game suspension for an FA misconduct charge he picked up during the 2-0 defeat against Wolves back on Saturday 17th September.

He was easily our Man of the Match on Wednesday night with over 75% of the vote.

Jonjo appealed the charge, but lost his case before an independent tribunal and he was subsequently fined £100K and suspended for five games for allegedly using racial language against one of the Wolves players.

Jonjo Shelvey – in action  in the FA Cup against Birmingham

Jonjo has always denied the charge and it seems that Rafa and the Newcastle hierarchy still believe their player.

Rafa had this to say after the game on Wednesday night as reported in the Mail:

“I had no hesitation about making him captain.” “I said before when we had the trial and the hearing that, for us, it was a surprise.”

“The way that the FA were going on was a surprise, that some players from the other team can say something and you trust them and you don’t trust our players.”

“For us it doesn’t change anything.’

Shelvey and Newcastle have continued to insist their player is innocent of the charge.

What Jonjo has to do now is to put the unfortunate episode behind him and concentrate on making a statement on the field for Newcastle and for himself.

He has to keep control of his emotions during the games and if he can do that he can become a fantastic player for Newcastle United.

That has to be his goal now.

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  • LGFUAD21

    Jan 20, 2017 at 7:17 AM

    Comment #1

    The whle case is curious. Noramlly there is uproar when racial abuse is involved but this seems to have slipped under many radars.

    I would be disgusted if any player of ours made racist remarks but the fa have been very sheepish with the whole thing so im inclined t give the benefit of the doubt until i get more evidence.

    That said rafa needs t be careful. It wa the beginning of the end when kenny dalglish was making a fool of himself backing suarez which le heartedly.

  • Markaccus

    Jan 20, 2017 at 7:27 AM

    Comment #2


    The thing with suarez is that somebody else heard him say it. With shelvey, the player simple accused him of racism and the FA dropped thier ar$e and banned him, just in case they might have appeared racist themselves. It has opened a can of worms that will be very hard to close. A minority player simply has to say “xyz said this” and a ban will be imposed.

    The FA have backed themselves into a corner. Even the John Terry incident, where he was cleared in a criminal court, and the FA accepted JTs story that he said the words in the sentence “I did not call you an effing black cee”, they still banned him because the words came out of his mouth, and the tv footage was carefully and sensationally edited to ONLY show those words.

  • Jib

    Jan 20, 2017 at 8:33 AM

    Comment #3

    Sunlan’s David Moyes is making reinforcing their midfield a priority.
    Earlier this month both the mackems and the toon were linked with Montpellier’s Ryad Boudebouz.
    L’Equipe have started linking us again with the Algerian.

    Having said that .

    If Rafa just wants someone who is content to play second fiddle to Shelvey
    Boro have made Stewart Downing available for loan.

    Six months helping out just up the

    A19</ might well suit both parties.


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