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This Young, Talented And Determined Player Deserves All The Luck At Newcastle

We are really hoping that Rolando Aarons can stay free of injury this season, after having a really bad time of it over the last three years with one serious injury after another.

Rolando has just recovered from an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury to his knee and he is now fully fit and ready to go for the new season.

The 21 year-old has been doing some training before preseason started so he is already in good shape and we hope he can have a great preseason and then an outstanding season in the Premier League so he can start fulfilling his undoubted and enormous potential.

A fit and determined looking Rolando Aarons arrives for training at Benton yesterday

The 21 year-old has had to put up with some heart-break already in his short career with his many injuries, but he’s also shown he’s a strong character who can over some these unfortunate setbacks.

Rolando has been speaking to nufcTV and this is some of that he had to say:

“You always have competition at a club like this and this season is no different and I look forward to the competition that will bring the best out of me.”

“I’ve been doing a bit of training off-season to get me ready for preseason so it’s been quite a busy period. I had to strengthen my knee to make sure that it obviously doesn’t happen again, so I’ve been working hard in the gym over the summer to make sure.”

“I was getting better towards the end of the season and I didn’t really want to slow down with the eight weeks we had off, so I’ve just kept doing what I needed to do, so I can maintain and improve. I feel good, I feel strong and ready for the season.”

“I’m looking to establish myself, play every game and take that into the season because I want to play for Newcastle United. I’m not worried about last season, I’m just focusing on this season and player every game.”

“Been good to see the boys, get into the team mode again because I was doing a lot of work by myself so it’s just been good to be around the boys in training – they’re good lads and the training room has got good energy. It’s good to be back.”

“The boys are excited for the season, backing the Premier League, you can it around the training ground over the last few days.”

“I’m buzzing and just taking it day by day.”

If Rolando can stay of injuries and with the guidance and coaching of Rafa Benitez he can become a top player in the game – but we have to keep him fit and free of injury.

Here’s hoping!

Comments welcome.

Personal note – I had comprehensive blood tests this morning and have been given the go-ahead to have my 5th (of six) chemotherapy infusions tomorrow afternoon at Rex Cancer Center in Raleigh – about 10 minutes from where we live.

The first 7 to 10 days after the infusion are usually the worst with exhaustion the main side effect – and there may be fewer articles on some of those days.

Let’s hope we can keep Rafa happy and get more players through the door during this coming period too.


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    Next post, you Goatmouf fools!

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    If we did acquire R L-C it would be as understudy to Shelvey which would be wise given the follicley challenged one’s track record with officialdom

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    what about ben gibson for gayle both valued at £20m ❓
    would you do a swap ❓

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    Best page around for all the Toon info and the first one I look at every day Ed. Best Wishes from doon the coast at Whitley Bay. Here’s hoping your treatment goes as well as it can do!


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