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Rafa Will Sell These Seven First Teamers This Summer – Invest Funds In New Players

Always assuming we are still a Premier League club this summer Rafa should have a lot more money to spend then he was given last summer when he spent a net of only £19M on new players.

Rafa will be able to get some additional transfer funds by selling players in the first team squad who are no longer needed at Newcastle, and some of them will bring in some decent cash.

Jesus Gamez’ contract is up, and it will not be renewed, and that’s also true with Sadio Haidara who has been six and a half years at Newcastle and played only 48 games for us.

Aleksandar Mitrovic – should be in demand

Goalkeeper Matz Sels is on loan at Anderlecht and doing quite well there, and he should have some suitors in the summer.

Anderlecht would like to take up the option to buy him this summer, but other clubs could also want the 26-year-old ‘keeper.

There’s a slight chance he could stay at Newcastle, but he will be down the pecking order, with Rafa going to sign Martin Dubravka and perhaps one more goalkeeper this summer.

Jack Colback
will be available for £5M, and his excellent form at Nottingham Forest should help to sell Jack.

Or at least have a Championship club wanting him for a season loan deal because of his high wages at Newcastle.

But Jack has only one more year left on his contract so Newcastle will want to sell the midfielder in the summer.

Jack will probably want to hold out and become a free agent next summer as he was when we signed him from Sunderland in the summer of 2014.

Henri Saivet is on loan at Turkish Super Lig side Sivasspor for the rest of the season, and again his wages are high, so maybe another loan will be the best option for the Senegal International for next season.

When he’s played for Newcastle, the lad has looked very decent.

Chancel Mbemba has never played much for Rafa Benitez since Rafa arrived just over two years ago yet he is a good footballer and versatile too.

But it looks like his days are numbered on Tyneside and we should be able to get around £10M for the defender who has given good service to Newcastle when called upon.

Some Premier League clubs could be interested.

And last but not least is Aleksandar Mitrovic who has scored 7 goals in just 8 appearances for Fulham on loan this year.

If the Cottagers are promoted, they could possibly afford Mitro, who is a good center-forward when the team plays to his strengths.

But with Mitro’s good form for Fulham coupled with a good World Cup performance for Serbia, we could get more than the £14M we paid Anderlecht for him almost three years ago,

So those seven first-team players have not participated in the side this season and will not be missed.

And Rafa will be able to use those funds to bring in better players to Newcastle this summer.

Here are the seven.

Jesus Gamez
Sadio Haidara
Matz Sels
Jack Colback
Henri Saivet
Chancel Mbemba
Aleksandar Mitrovic

Maybe we can get close to £40M for them?

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

28 comments so far

  • hibbit

    Mar 16, 2018 at 9:45 AM

    Comment #1

    £40m….. it would be nice if we could but i think not !!!

  • jimmygscot

    Mar 16, 2018 at 9:47 AM

    Comment #2

    £40m you’re having a laugh! lucky to get half of that.

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 9:51 AM

    Comment #3

    Gamez will be retained, not as a player but as a coach, IMO, as he has been working with the kids already.

  • mactoon

    Mar 16, 2018 at 9:54 AM

    Comment #4

    The problem is people always correlate the amount brought in from transfers to the amount made available for transfers. They are two separate things. The transfer fund is what Ashley makes available regardless of what profit is made from selling players. If he wants to sell the club he will not finance permanent signings, January showed us that.

    We could make £40 million but Ashley will look at the overall finances of the club and then make a decision on how much he can make available overall and it won’t be anywhere near £40 million.

  • Jib

    Mar 16, 2018 at 9:58 AM

    Comment #5

    Gamez will stay
    plus Matz Sels is getting rave notices at Anderlecht
    I don’t think Rafa has completely written off Mitro yet

  • Geordie-john

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:07 AM

    Comment #6

    £40 M. If we do get that coming in the be sure Rafa will get about £20M and that’s his lot, GREEDY COCK-ney Fatman will need the rest for his holidays or casino bills or whatever he can think of .

  • Jail for Ashley

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:13 AM

    Comment #7

    I don’t see why suggesting getting close to 40M for those players is having a laugh. To say that we be lucky to get half that is stupid. It would mean only 10M for Mitro and 2.5M each for the other sellable players. That is the much more laughable suggestion.

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:14 AM

    Comment #8

    mactoon, you’re right about Ashley not just providing the whole of player sales towards the transfer pot. There is also something else to be considered.

    FFP rules state PL clubs can only increase their wage bill by a max of £7M per season compared to the previous season OR £19M compared to our 2012/2013 wage bill, dependent on certain criteria.

    The criteria are complicated but this will only apply to us if our 2016 / 2017 wage bill was over £67M OR if we fail to demonstrate a significant increase in commercial revenue (player sales, prize money, gate receipts, sponsorship. Does NOT include TV money)

    £7M equates to around 3 players on £40k per week plus bonuses.

    Obviously we can reduce our current bill by offloading unwanted players and recruiting upgrades, but this goes to show that, even if we were to bring in a mega-rich new owner, their hands would largely be tied by FFP

  • The next Mike Williamson

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:15 AM

    Comment #9

    I’d originally thought buying only loans in Jan meant Ashley thought he’d be selling in summer, but now I’m not so sure. First off Chelsea weren’t selling Kenedy. Second, it was a huge gamble bringing a keeper from the Czech league for £5-6m so try before you buy made sense (and it seems we’ve now bought him). A loan was the correct option with Slimani too. a) he was injured b) he hasn’t played much this year c) he was massively over valued after having a couple of decent seasons in Portugal. I really hope Ashley goes, maybe if he gets £40m from these fringe players (throw in Manquillo & Joselu too) he can pay off a large chunk of that loan and reduce his selling price, then give Rafa the TV money to spend.

  • Jib

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:16 AM

    Comment #10

    History doesn’t bear you out
    for McClaren’s two windows
    The club spent £78m

    in exchange for

    Mike Williamson – Wolves – £250,000
    Mehdi Abeid – Panathinaikos £500,000
    Remy Cabella – Marseilles as part of the Thauvin deal

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:19 AM

    Comment #11

    Jib, makes me sick to think of all that cash being handed over to the brolly-wielding buffoon, compared to the scraps fed to Rafa

  • The next Mike Williamson

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:21 AM

    Comment #12

    @Rob Leenio
    Surely that doesn’t apply to promoted teams. For starters many teams relegated have clauses that reduce most the players wages 15% or so. If they go back up all the players will have their original wages reinstated. That would eat up most of the £7m. And Paris SG & Man City must have increased their wages ten times that. Although the Qataris seem exempt from any EUFA/ FIFA rules, possibly due to the massive sponsorships.

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:26 AM

    Comment #13

    Mike, yeah the relegation and subsequent promotion was in my mind as I was writing the above, I’m not sure how these rules apply to promoted teams as they are Premier League rules, not FA or FIFA. I guess I was just trying to highlight the fact that player spend is not as cut and dried as sell a guy for 10M, use that money to buy (for eg) 2 more players for £5M each as the two new players’ combined wages may be higher than the sold player’s and may impact on FFP.

  • hibbit

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:49 AM

    Comment #14

    Jesus Gamez & Sadio Haidara contracts expire on 30/6/18 so no fee for them !!

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:52 AM

    Comment #15

    hibbit, it’s sad for Haidara – could have been a good player for us, had he not been assaulted by that thug from Wigan. I see he’s about to be relegated to League 1 with Sunderland, so maybe that’s Karma in action.

  • Bambams

    Mar 16, 2018 at 10:54 AM

    Comment #16

    Can’t see Colback leaving until his contract is up.

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 11:28 AM

    Comment #17

    The other thing which muddies the transfer kitty waters is how we ie NUFC likes to do business. Most clubs break down transfer fees to offset the payments for tax / revenue reasons. This means we receive our inbound fees for our outbound players in installments, eg Sissoko to Spurs £6M per season for 5 seasons.

    We, on the other hand, prefer to pay up front in a lump sum, meaning £40m inbound fees may actually only equate to, say, £8M fees up front and available to spend on player, plus whatever we are due from installments on previous player sales.

  • The next Mike Williamson

    Mar 16, 2018 at 11:36 AM

    Comment #18

    For the money he wasn’t the Wally was almost as damaging as Souness. It’s hard to believe he spent £78m yet failed to notice the one genuine good player in Thauvin who is now worth £78m and courted by the worlds best teams. If I remember correctly we gave him a few minutes now and again playing in the wrong position. I guess our other world class players Gouffran and Sissoko were working harder in training.

  • toonincheek

    Mar 16, 2018 at 11:46 AM

    Comment #19

    The next Mike . .

    Not a fair comment – Thaivin didn’t want to come here.
    He had to be persuaded.
    He did it to help financially the club he was leaving.
    He was never committed.

    We should have known he didn’t want to come and
    stayed away.

  • The next Mike Williamson

    Mar 16, 2018 at 11:59 AM

    Comment #20

    He wasn’t given a chance. The likes of Riviere & Gouffran got much more games. English managers tend to look at players like him and deem them too lightweight or too skilful (a luxury). Maybe that’s why all English managers (except Howe and Rodgers) are light years behind these days.

  • Jib

    Mar 16, 2018 at 12:09 PM

    Comment #21

    Riviere in 3 years 31 starts 11 as sub 3 goals
    Gouffran 5 years 141 starts 28 as sub 19 goals
    Thauvin 2 years 16 starts 11 as sub 1 goal

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 12:12 PM

    Comment #22

    Mike “He wasn’t given a chance…. English managers tend to look at players like him and deem them too lightweight” and yet, it was Rafa who moved him on from here, deeming him not suitable for a Championship campaign, having had a good look at him during pre-season

  • Rotonda heights

    Mar 16, 2018 at 12:39 PM

    Comment #23

    TNMW @ 20

    So very, very true


    I think rafa may well have given Thauvin a run in the PL as we are now, but getting assaulted on wet rainy nights in Burton probably wasn’t going to reap huge dividends at the time. horses for courses and all that.

  • The next Mike Williamson

    Mar 16, 2018 at 12:45 PM

    Comment #24

    I’m sure Rafa tried to persuade him to stay, but said he wanted to go home. Jib, I’m very surprised he started 16 games. I thought it was closer to 5 of which most of them he was hauled off.

    I just searched “worst manager ever” and found this.
    Unsurprisingly Souness is number one. It was written in 2008 otherwise I’m sure McClaren, and possibly Pardew and Carver would feature. Anyway Souness’s description is worth a read.

    1 Graeme Souness

    As a player, his name struck fear into opponents. As a manager, he has been more terrifying for his own clubs. Nearly two decades of sackings and disappointment after his success at Rangers, Souness, remarkably, still rates himself as one of the big guns. He spent nearly £50m on a relegation battle at Newcastle, and told Deco he wasn’t going to cut it at Benfica – replacing him with Sheffield Wednesday’s Mark Pembridge – but it’s at Liverpool where the wrecking ball did most damage. Britain’s most successful club are still recovering today. Souness doesn’t so much lose the dressing room as rarely find it to start with.

    Doesn’t even mention George Weah’s cousin.

  • G

    Mar 16, 2018 at 12:49 PM

    Comment #25

    TNMW @ 24. I believe Souness (Although both Pardew and McLaren gave him a run for his money) was our worst ever manager. Not so much for his inability to motivate a team, more so that in the final months of his tenure he knew he was out of his depth, and was playing for the sack, and pay off that came with it. Absolutely horrible excuse for a human being.

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 16, 2018 at 12:52 PM

    Comment #26

    Lol Mike, that’s hilarious, replaced Deco with Mark Pembridge. Deco’s mates probably still rip the p!ss about that. Imagine the banter:
    “You’re a tool, your breath stinks and your wife’s ugly”
    “Yeah, but you got replaced by Mark Pembridge”

  • The next Mike Williamson

    Mar 16, 2018 at 12:59 PM

    Comment #27

    Pembridge will still be boasting about that, he’ll probably have “Better than Deco” on his tombstone. As will Hayden Mullins & Marlon Harewood who kept Mascherano and Tevez out the West Ham team, and Obertan & Gouffran who kept Ben Arfa and Thauvin out of our team for large periods.

  • hibbit

    Mar 16, 2018 at 1:00 PM

    Comment #28

    the point a lot seem to be missing , Thauvin just didn’t want to be here .
    mind who can blame him !!
    south of france or south northumberland on a day like today ???


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