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Fans Deserve Much Much Better From The Newcastle Team

Newcastle somehow managed to lose the game on Sunday against Wolves 2-1 in the 94th in stoppage time.

And that was after losing DeAndre Yedlin to a sending off early in the second half which changed the game in Wolves’ favor.

It was also the 7th game of nine this season that we have managed to lose at home – so much for St. James’ Park being a fortress.

It looks like it’s yet another season fighting relegation which has become too normal since Mike Ashley bought the club back in May 2007.

Why he bought Newcastle United, we have no idea, but the club has been on the decline ever since, and have been relegated twice from the Premier League.

Newcastle now face a tough couple of tough games coming up at Huddersfield Town on Saturday and then at home to Fulham the following Saturday.

Christian Atsu (shown above) has been straight and truthful in his latest interview in the Chronicle and admits the Newcastle fans deserve a lot better team than we have at the moment.

This is what Atsu has told the Chronicle:

“Last season we had some difficult moments like this but we kept our heads up and we fought until the end.”

“At the end of the Premier League we stayed there in the top 10.” “We must keep our heads up and fight until the end.”

“We know they deserve better.” “The way they support this club is unbelievable and we are working hard and fighting hard for them.”

“We will make them very happy in the next games.” “Honestly, these fans deserve much, much better from us.”

“It was a very painful defeat for us against Wolves.” “We fought really hard and wanted to win the game – even with 10 men we were fighting to win.”

“And at the end of the game we were unlucky the way we lost it.” “It was a very painful way to lose a game.”

“The last minute of stoppage time is a very bad way to lose a game.” “We’re very disappointed but we keep our heads up.”

“It’s the Premier League and the next game is the most important now.”

“Hard work helped us turn it around earlier in the season and that’s what will help us now.”

“We have to make sure we’re up for the next game to win away to Huddersfield.”

“This is the only way we can bring the spirit back, by fighting and battling for those points.”

“We have seen the video and it was a red card and a penalty which changes the game.

“We’re waiting for VAR to come in.”

“Sometimes VAR won’t guarantee the ref to make the right decision but it will help.”

“It will help with mistakes like that.”

Let’s hope we can win both our next two games and then we will have put some distance between us and the bottom three clubs – otherwise we could be in deep relegation trouble at Christmas.

That would not be good!

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