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Returning Player Thanks Fans For Their Amazing Support

Florian Lejeune made his first start in the Premier League this season at Stamford Bridge on Saturday and the center-back looked good and seemed to stroll through the game.

Florian has done well to come back from his severe ACL knee injury and now looks as good as he was and the Frenchman will not have an important part of play in what we hope is a Newcastle revival.

Lejeune came back into the side the same time last season and that coincided with much better results form Newcastle so we are hoping that will be the same this year.

Florian has thanked the fans for their support while he’s been out and it’s the fans who once again can help us survive this season in the Premier League.

However, if Mike Ashley is still the owner in the summer that will be small comfort indeed.

We need the owner out of the club for us to become great again.

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