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Captain Admits To Why Newcastle Don’t Win More Games

Newcastle began their trip to Murcia, Spain immediately after the 1-1 draw at Wolves and they must have been devastated that Wolves equalized after 95 minutes with four minutes the official allotted stoppage time.

You can imagine just how upbeat the players would have been on the plane to Spain if we had managed to win our 7th league game of the season – but it wasn’t to be.

Newcastle have the 4th lowest number of wins in the Premier League – with only by the three bottom sides – Huddersfield, Fulham, and Southampton having less

The rules say it’s at least four minutes of stoppage time but that’s just in case the referee plays over the allotted time and one team scores a goal after time is up.

That’s basically the reason the rule says “at least” a specific number of minutes of added time.

Jamaal Lascelles has said the team has to be more streetwise and it’s true we have given up too many goals and points late in games.

Experience in the side will help our team be more streetwise and that’s one reason Rafa brought in players like Schar, Rondon, Fernandez, and Ki last summer.

This is what Jamaal has said in an exclusive interview in the Sunday Sun today:

“I think the game at Wolves felt like a loss.” “Again though it was another good performance and sometimes you want to keep going and play the next one quickly.”

“But at the same time, there’s no harm in us coming here to refresh and dust off the cobwebs.”

“We’ve had warm weather training and they’ve been double sessions. It has been quite hard and it almost feels like pre-season again.”

“It is good to see the players up front and you see the other side of people.” “We went for a meal in Spain and it was seeing people in a different environment.”

“It’s been good for team bonding.”

“I think the difference has been, not our performances, they have been good, but what we lack is being streetwise on the pitch.

“Small fouls in the right areas and things like that, it makes a massive difference.

“We are putting in good performances in and working hard sometimes we just get frustrated with ourselves.

“Points are there to be taken and if we are smarter and more mature we will get them.”

Here are the next six games coming up.

Sat 23 Feb   Newcastle vs Huddersfield      3:00pm
Wed 27 Feb   Newcastle vs Burnley           8:00pm
Sat 02 Mar   West Ham vs Newcastle          5:30pm
Sat 09 Mar   Newcastle vs Everton           3:00pm
Sat 16 Mar   Bournemouth  vs Newcastle      3:00pm 
Mon 01 Apr   Arsenal vs Newcastle           8:00pm

Six wins in those games will see us safe on 43 points.

The Rafa can sign a new five-year contract and we’ll all be ecstatic.


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  • Jib

    Feb 17, 2019 at 3:57 PM

    Comment #1

    By the time we play Arsenal in the smoke
    on April Fools evening I expect us to be
    on 41 points

  • Jail for Ashley

    Feb 17, 2019 at 4:01 PM

    Comment #2

    It is because of the wide use of the English language that Aussies, Grits, Kiwis and non Hispanic Americans aren’t very good at languages. Do you think a Dutch fork lift driver would have a good command of English if everywhere he went on holiday they spoke Dutch?

  • Pain in the Blog

    Feb 17, 2019 at 4:08 PM

    Comment #3

    If anyone tuned into this blog for the first time this afternoon expecting a discussion about NUFC they would be a tad confused.

  • Munster Mag

    Feb 17, 2019 at 4:38 PM

    Comment #4

    Agree jail


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