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Rondon – If I Stay At Newcastle I’ll Be At A Beautiful Place

Salomon Rondon has given an exclusive interview today in the Chronicle, and he talks about how he really wants to stay on at Newcastle – if that is possible.

His is letting his agent handle all the details, but he has made it clear to Newcastle he wants to stay on board.

And he says Newcastle know what he and his family want at Newcastle and he says they are already settled on Tyneside.

Salomon has already built up a great rapport with the Newcastle fans, and he is showing what an excellent striker he is and worthy of the number 9 shirt at Newcastle.

He has had many plaudits from somebody who should know a good number 9 when he sees one – Newcastle icon Alan Shearer.

Salomon Rondon – hopes he can stay at Newcastle – a beautiful place

This is some of what Rondon has told the Chronicle  today:

“They know what I want and what my family want.” “I have spoken with them and made it clear.”

“If there is an opportunity for me to be here – I’ll stay here 100%.”

“If not I will say thank you to everybody and see what happens next.” “I have left it all to my agent.”

“It’s a pleasure to be here and my family are settled and happy to be here.” 

“I play with the number 9 on my back and it’s a pleasure for me.”

“After that we will see what happens.” “I am still on loan but if I get to stay here then I’ll be at a beautiful place.”

“If not I will say thank you and wish you all luck for the future.” 

“I love being here.”

“When you are a footballer it can be a difficult career but you have to enjoy it and being here is great for me.”

“I am settled here.” “I will be trying to score more goals and then we will see what happens in the future.”

“I’m only on loan so you never know what happens.” “If I could stay many years here I’d love to.”

“I love wearing the number 9 and scoring goals for the team.”

We really hope Rondon will stay at Newcastle, but Ashley should have come up with the £16.5M and had him signed last summer – which is what the manager wanted.

But Ashley was cutting corners and costs at Newcastle once again.

The fans love Salomon, who can be emotional and he has a heart of gold.

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2 comments so far

  • toon22

    Mar 4, 2019 at 3:33 PM

    Comment #1

    Get him signed up

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 4, 2019 at 3:34 PM

    Comment #2

    It’s an interesting interview. I do wonder if something has been lost in translation. If you read it a couple of times that statement “They know what I want and what my family want. I have spoken to them and made it clear” sounds actually rather threatening. I hope he hasn’t tried to lay down the law to Ashley and his minions as this is one thing that won’t go down well.

    I hope what was actually meant was “I’ve made it crystal clear that I want to stay at NUFC”, which is how I read it first time.


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