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Player Talks About Mysterious Injury – Hopefully It’s All Over Now

Jonjo Shelvey played during the early part of the season even though he was forced to take injections to play.

He needed injections because Jhe said when he kicked the ball it was like someone was stabbing him in the leg (don’t look at me).

That’s not good, and it was a red flag because something was obviously wrong with his thigh.

Shelvey likes to play but he has only made 13 appearances this season after making 33 appearances last season and 47 appearances during our Championship winning season in 2016-2017.

But the former Southampton and Liverpool midfielder has finally been given a chance to play in the first team with Sean Longstaff suffering a season-ending knee ligament injury against West Ham 11 days ago.

Jonjo Shelvey – in action during the preseason against FC Augsburg

This is what Jonjo said in the Chronicle recently about how the season has gone for him so far:

“Torture, to be honest. It’s hard watching the team play and not being able to help.”

“It’s been torture. You’re miserable at home, and then you go to the games and it’s just horrible, sitting there and watching because you know that you want to be out there.”

“It’s the little day-to-day things; you see them outside on the training pitch and you’re in the physio room, just sitting around, getting the treatment.”

“Honestly, there’s nothing worse for a footballer. But sometimes you have to do it, and I’ve done that now. It looks to be behind me.”

“We should have nipped the injury in the bud early doors, but it wasn’t to be, and I had numerous trips to Barcelona to get injections to try and sort it out.”

“The doc said that if I did it one more time I would have had to have surgery on it, so it was time to shut down, get it right and come back stronger for the end of the season.”

“It started in pre-season; I was taking injections to play the games because I’m one of those people who always just wants to play football, and obviously I just play through the pain barrier.”

“But every time I was kicking a football, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the leg – the pain was unbearable in the end.”

“I need to rest and recover, and start to repair it. Luckily I’ve done that now and it looks to be behind me.”

Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey (Image: Newcastle United)

Shelvey is determined to contribute in the final eight games of the season, and he looked good in those last 10 minutes or so on Saturday when Ayoze Perez scored a late brace, and we managed to beat Everton 3-2.

He may start the game at Bournemouth on Saturday if he impresses Rafa in training.

It’s good that we have Ki, Shelvey, and Diame all pushing for a starting position in central midfield.

Isaac Hayden has been one of the starters since last December, and he’s shown the best form of his career over the last three months at Newcastle.

Quite honestly we didn’t realize Isaac was that good a player – but he’s been great for us this season.

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3 comments so far

  • RobLeenio

    Mar 13, 2019 at 2:06 PM

    Comment #1

    Sounds like an unusual injury, hopefully it’s over and he can get on with proving what he can bring to the team.

    There’s two reactions we could see from him – petulance or determination. Of course, we could get both, but hopefully he’ll just be driven to make sure that when next season starts, he’s the first name on the team sheet.

    If he can guarantee that for himself, then he’ll probably have been pulling the strings on 4 victories in the run in, which will do me fine.

  • Lee Charnley Bunga Party

    Mar 13, 2019 at 2:21 PM

    Comment #2

    Jonjo is one of these players that can dictate the game when he is on song you seen a lot of fans from other teams last season “Oh we made Shelvey look like Pirlo”!

    It was actually how well he was playing other teams just couldn’t get near him and Diame hopefully he can get back to that level with a team that has much more attacking movement

    I feel if Perez and Rondon get clear cut opportunities more often as well Almiron they can get at least 10 goals between them before the end of the season !

  • Tsunki

    Mar 13, 2019 at 2:45 PM

    Comment #3

    Can we just say the frog had it nailed now? The latest stories about Ashley staying put and reverting to previous tack may be just guesswork but equally validly could have been seeped out from Mikes PR crew to let the unthinkable sink in slowly and carefully until full grudging acceptance is achieved. Again.

    Ashley makes money out of this club. His shares in Sports Direct and subsidiaries benefit from the sporting connection, publicity and merchandising. He had spent 12 years insisting on his sporting business model being applied to football club ownership, he is trying to pioneer the sporting institution linked with merchandising model using this club. Player trading us the housekeeping, the engine maintenance if you like, same with ticket sales, corporate and catering. But the proper product is TV money and brand promotion. And it’s all Mike’s. Nothing virtual like his billions in assets that are “wallpapering” his businesses. This is his personal stash being shoved under the mattress. There’s no need to let it go if you’re not worried about being reviled or shamed. Look at the Oystons – minnows by comparison but their attitude had them dug in hard and fast. Imagine how difficult it will be to get rid of Ashley with even a shred of that obstinance.

    He’s not going, never was. The only way to get this fireproof leech off is to cut off the supply of blood, sorry to all the dedicated fans but as someone said recently the least you can do is stop buying food beer and merchandise if you “support the team and not the regime” let’s be honest, the romantic notion that the club and Geordies are inextricably intertwined is no longer relevant. We are just customers and we are dispensable as far as the owners are concerned – if, hypothetically, Ashley decides that he can make the same profits by disbanding the club or maybe use the ground for different purposes, where will we be linked? Consett used to be a community synonymous with steel. Many north east communities were so linked with coal. Did all those Wimbledon fans remain inextricably linked with their club? Nope they attended the matches of their closest alternatives and pledged allegiance to them. If you want to see Ashley go you might have to do what Blackpool fans successfully did (although it was slowed down by those who had that mindset of support the team etc) and not attend games or buy anything from a business linked with the owner. That is the only weapon we have against a money eating machine.

    I know it’s going to be controversial and I am donning my tin hat and stab vest now 🙂 but in the end this “it’s in the blood” stuff would ring truer if those who couldn’t bear to stay away actually did, and demonstrated they cared enough to make that sacrifice for the long term good instead of meekly handing over their cash and customer loyalty because basically they find it easier and less inconvenient which is the real reason isn’t it? 😐

    If it’s more of the same next season I personally will not go to another match, buy any merchandise, buy anything from any of Ashley’s businesses or brands (and there are lots) and I will not subscribe to any sports channels, nowtv, Amazon event, match of the day or dodgy stream so that he gets not a penny more from me. That way I can safely say his staying will not be because of me not trying. And I’ll whine and moan about it all the time 😀

    Thankfully for all blog stalwarts I won’t have any opinions on match stats or players because all I’ll know about are scorelines and match reports. Whahay! Always a silver lining folks!


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