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Fabian Schar Sends Message To Swiss Fans About Not Playing Today

Fabian Schar has reacted to his ban for tonight’s game against Denmark at home in Euro qualifying.

The Swiss International has sent a message out on his Instagram account about his ban.

Schar was knocked out for four minutes in the last game at Georgia over the weekend but was allowed to play on during the 2-0 win by the Swiss in a Euro qualifying game.

The rules state that if a player is knocked unconscious he should not continue in the game.

You also have to rest the player from [laying football for six days.

Fabian Schar – not allowed to play for Switzerland tonight

So The Swiss Football Association with help from FIFA are finally abiding by the rules put in place to protect the player’s health.

This is what Fabian has said today:

“As you probably know, tomorrow I will not be allowed to play against Denmark,”

“I really wanted to play and, as always, give everything to the team and Switzerland/”

“But unfortunately this time the decision is not in my hands, but was imposed on me by FIFA for health reasons.”

“In the game against Georgia, I was unconscious for a short time after a collision.”

“Anyone who knows me knows how I feel and how much I would like to play.”

“Of course I keep my fingers crossed for the team and I’m convinced that we will have a good game.”

Schar should be back in Newcastle this week but he has a two-game ban for picking up 10 yellow cards in the Premier League and he will miss the game at Arsenal next Monday night.

But he will be available for the home game against Crystal Palace on April 6,  the following Saturday.

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  • Sav

    Mar 26, 2019 at 9:11 AM

    Comment #1

    Newcastle should sue the Swiss FA for allowing Schar play on in contravention of the rules. The UEFA organisers should be included in the lawsuit. Any and every club would support it. Clearly, Schar isn’t going to. That leaves us. For once, I’d support the parking of an Ashley tank on someone else’s lawn.


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