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Tough To Make The Top Six – But Rafa Could Still Accept Huge Challenge At Newcastle

All four Premier League teams have reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League and Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez is not surprised by that.

The big money in football these days is in the Premier League and the top clubs in England can buy the best players in the world – often at astronomical prices.

That money from the Premier league also allows clubs to bring in some of the World’s top managers to England.

If you go outside the top six in the Premier League – and leave out the two Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool- there’s a huge gap to the next clubs.

Currently, there’s a 13 point gap between 6th placed Chelsea and Wolves in 7th place – and Wolves are a full 32 points behind leaders, Liverpool.

Newcastle are 22 points behind Chelsea.


Rafa Benitez – Toon Army is right behind him – all the way

So you can’t really say the Premier League is a highly competitive league.

Rafa has talked about how difficult the Premier League is – in the Chronicle today:

“When you compete against them or anybody in the top six it’s always quite difficult. It’s difficult for any team in Europe.”

“So imagine for us or the rest of the Premier League?”

“Yeah (it’s getting tougher to compete), obviously a lot of people aren’t happy because all they can see is the English teams (in Europe).”

“But who has the money? The Premier League.”

“They’re signing the best players from around the world. So normally when you do that you have to be there.”

Rafa Benitez will have difficulty improving Newcastle in the short-term if Mike Ashley stays as owner and doesn’t change his ways.

Whether Rafa thinks that’s good enough for his future we don’t know – but he does have the Newcastle fans right behind him and the players too.

Rafa knows he can always count on the Toon army.

He has often said he can see the appreciation from the Newcastle fans for all the hard work he puts in – and that seems important to the man.

He’s been at other clubs like Inter-Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid where the fans were not behind him.

We love him at Newcastle.

The manager may still think it’s worth a shot at trying to elevate Newcastle United to the next level  – even if Mike Ashley doesn’t seem too bothered.

We hope he does – and we’ll know soon enough.

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