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Liverpool Legend – Rafa’s World Class – He Loves Newcastle – It’s Good News For Fans

The thing that’s on the minds of Newcastle fans right now is whether Rafa will agree to stay on at Newcastle even though Mike Ashley is still the owner.

And you cannot accuse Ashley of helping Rafa too much financially over the last three years, but the manager nonetheless has done a stellar job, and we could even finish around 10th again this season if we do well in our final seven games.

Rafa’s press conference yesterday was upbeat, and he even seemed to be indicating once the time arrived when Newcastle are safe from relegation – he is willing to work something out with Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley to stay at the club.

Phil Thomson – there’s something about Newcastle that Rafa must love

And Liverpool legend Phil Thompson thinks there is hope for Newcastle fans and on Sky Sports’ Debate program said the following:

“There’s something about that football club that he must actually love.”

“And listening to that (latest press conference), it’s a good thing for Newcastle fans as that’s the first time I’ve heard him talk and not cut anyone short by saying we haven’t discussed anything.”

“He is saying that they have been talking and for them it sounds good, it gives you a little bit of hope if you’re a Newcastle fan.”

“He’s not had any help from Mike Ashley at all and he’s had to sort of look around and get players on loan, it’s just incredible.”

“Because of the financial situation at Newcastle, what he has done there is absolutely phenomenal, quite unbelievable, he has squeezed the last drops out of this football club all the time.”

“This is Newcastle which is so demanding, and this guy Benitez is one of the best coaches in the world, not just Europe but in the world.”

“And people want him, for him to stay at Newcastle this long.”

“I think fair play to you Rafa.”

Rafa is getting a lot of credit for the great job he’s done at Newcastle – not because we are in the top six or anything like that – but he’s showing he really is a world-class coach and getting the very best out of the players he has.

It says something that players want to come to Newcastle to play for him.

And Rafa has built a good foundation at Newcastle over the last three years – and he now needs maybe three or four top (world) class players to make us into a much better side.

We hope Mike Ashley will help him do that – but Rafa certainly sounds like a man who seems like he wants to stay at Newcastle – even with Ashley still at the club.

We hope he does – and maybe it’s time to get those Rafa flags out again for the home game next Saturday against Crystal Palace – where a win could see us safe in the league.

And surely it has to be difficult for Rafa to walk away from the Geordie fans – who just love the man.

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  • lochinvar

    Mar 30, 2019 at 2:25 PM

    Comment #1

    Good article in The Mag observing that only 1 of 18 NUFC games rearranged to Monday nights for Sky have been at home , the rest away. A closer look at fixtures below this season also shows that only 2 games have been north of London.

    Rather suggests that southerners are incapable of travelling north or maybe it’s just bias on the part of Sky and the FA ?

    Saturday 5.30pm Chelsea

    Saturday 12.30pm Tottenham

    Monday 8pm Wolves

    Saturday 5.30pm West Ham

    Monday 8pm Arsenal

    Friday 8pm Leicester

    Saturday 5.30pm Brighton

    Sunday 3pm Fulham

  • lochinvar

    Mar 30, 2019 at 2:25 PM

    Comment #2

    Correction… Rescheduled games, not just Monday nights

  • Jib

    Mar 30, 2019 at 2:53 PM

    Comment #3

    Good article in the Mag !!!!
    Posted 40 minutes ago and blatantly
    copied from carltoon’s post at 9am

    Plagiarism is alive and well and living on The Mag’s

  • lesh

    Mar 30, 2019 at 2:58 PM

    Comment #4


    If I were to consider an anti-NUFC conspiricy, I’d look at those rearranged games, their kick off times, location and add to that, questionable refereeing decisions plus our opening fixtures against the top six teams and wonder what’s going on? Coincidence?

  • lesh

    Mar 30, 2019 at 3:00 PM

    Comment #5


    Plagiarism? Well you would know!


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