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Newcastle Referee Springs Surprise – Reveals The Best Club In Saudia Arabia

44-year-old Mark Clattenburg was born in Consett and the former top Premier League referee is a big supporter of Newcastle United Football Club.

Of course he was never allowed to referee any of our games in the Premier League – unfortunately for us.

Some said he would be biased.



Mark Clattenburg – in action

Mark has been in the Middle East since surprisingly accepting a job as the Head of Refereeing for the Saudi Arabian Football Federation back in 2017.

Here’s a tweet from Mark and he’s right about that – Newcastle are the best club in Saudi Arabia and the world.

That’s obvious.

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  • RobLeenio

    Apr 11, 2019 at 2:00 PM

    Comment #1

    The thing about the football income is that it may come in peaks and troughs, but this is why the vast majority of clubs have extensive lines of credit with their banks, so that they can flex their financial muscles when it suits them, rather than have to beg, borrow and steal while selling off their silverware in order to afford the most mediocre of players.

    Ashley, however, does not want the level of transparency that such a line of credit would allow, extending his own lines of credit to the club, which can be paid back piecemeal over time to the tune of whatever he fancies in that moment.

    If the club owe him money, then can he write down other debts against this? So, for eg, if Spurs owe us £30M over 6 years for Sissoko, can he claim all of the payments due direct into his account?

    I think this is possibly one way that Ashley could rip money out of the club and hide it from everyone involved.


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