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What Rafa Benitez Told Fabian Schar Last Year

Swiss international Fabian Schar has been an enormous success for Newcastle this season, but it wasn’t until early November in Newcastle’s first league win against Watford that he got his chance.

He came on at halftime in that game to replace the injured Jamaal Lascelles, and we ended up winning 1-0 and Schar was outstanding.

He’s been the first choice at center-back since that time.

But he has picked up too many bookings – 11 so far this season – so he has to cut out some of the daft bookings he has picked up this season.

But this lad plays with his heart on his sleeve which is one reason the Newcastle fans like him so much.

Fabian Schar in action at Leicester City

It was tough for Schar not playing much at all until early November and this is what he has said in an exclusive in the Star today:

“It was a hard time,” “I knew when I came here, I would need time to settle and Rafa Benitez told me I had to be patient.”

“But we were not winning games and nothing changed which was tough.” “Now Iknow Rafa was right because when I got my chance, I was ready.”

“And I really love playing football for this great club.”

“I play football with my heart and with my emotions. In each game, I give everything to my team.”

“So sometimes, it is difficult to control your emotions.”

“OK, maybe I admit one or two yellow cards were a bit stupid – getting involved with another player for example.”

“But you have to understand in these moments, you are full-on in the game. 100% there.”

“And it is also in my character. Take that away and I would be a different player, maybe not as good.”

“I am a footballer first, not just a defender but someone who likes to attack.”

Fabian Schar was a bargain buy for £3M from Deportivo, and these are some of the transfers Rafa can get done becasue of his many contacts around the world.

But the worrying news today is that Rafa’s thinking Newcastle under Mike Ashley do not match his ambitions.

And the manager is now seriously thinking of closing out his contract at Newcastle on June 30th.

He will look for another club – rather than sign the new deal he’s been offered by Ashley with only £100M in transfer funds to spend over the next two years.

That would not be good.

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5 comments so far

  • magscar

    Apr 20, 2019 at 9:17 AM

    Comment #1

    Repost and then time to get on with my morning put on some good music enjoy the sun and block out these negative vibes 🙂


    Apr 20, 2019 at 9:14 AM

    Comment #11
    So what is Rafa expected to say

    – I have won everything bar World cup so I am happy to rest on my laurels now and see out the rest of my football days surviving but on good money?

    – I am desperate for a job and such a workaholic that I couldn’t be without an appointment after 30 June

    – Whatever is on offer here I am just so happy here that I will just take that

    etc etc

    If you believe that Ashley uses PR don’t be surprised that Rafa will skilfully use press to feed his side of story and expectations and good on him. He is no pushover, knows we fans hang on his every word and he is good copy and it all feeds back to Charnley and Ashley

    We aren’t yet at sharp end and whilst it may all end in tears I get the impression that some are just too pleased to read this stuff a little too self congratulatory in feeling “knew it all along” sort of way.

    It would be great if all could be done behind closed doors -like our transfer business usually is but this is perhaps Rafa’s most crucial contract negotiations ever and he desperately wants to be able to stay just not at any cost so uses everything he can to make his case.

    if he does go like everyone on here and out in NUFC world I will be gutted but won’t blame him.

    I think Rafa knows he can’t get total control of budget and recruitment but is angling for as much as he can get.

    Both sides want Rafa here for different reasons and it can still be done. Rafa now saying we aren’t necessarily safe yet given Cardiffs recent result and he has always said that the time to discuss contract is when we are safe so we are not yet off course.

    Keep the faith

  • bettyswallocks

    Apr 20, 2019 at 9:23 AM

    Comment #2

    Hopefully a win today and then down to the main agenda, securing Rafa’s services. There is clearly a Mexican stand off between Sheikh Mealy and Rafa and there will have to be compromises on both sides to sort out this impasse.
    My fear is that because The fat Sheikh doesn’t like us and doesn’t care about anything except his ego and money , his stubbornness may well scupper any chances of an agreement being reached.

  • geordietom

    Apr 20, 2019 at 9:26 AM

    Comment #3

    about Rafa’s contract …

    how do we know whats going on behind closed doors ? we dont …

    the hacks that write those articles how would they know whats going on ?… they dont …

    they know as much as us didley squat …

  • Jib

    Apr 20, 2019 at 9:54 AM

    Comment #4

    here’s an old fogey who can still rock it and fill the Albert Hall

  • ashleysmate

    Apr 20, 2019 at 10:00 AM

    Comment #5

    Rafa leaving?!… Let’s be honest, it’s what we all expected but hoped would never happen… How the hell is the phatt controller successful in other walks of life, yet he hasn’t a clue how to run a football club.
    I’m sure he thinks he’s being clever with this Mexican stand off, but I’m a huge believer in Karma and sometime in the future all of his arrogance will come back to bite him, be it in business or private life, either way it will catch up with him


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